Meet our Junior Analysts Hessel & Joost: Find out more about their experiences, expectations and advice for future applicants

Welcome! This month our newest Junior Analysts Hessel Moelijker and Joost Backer started their journey here at NewForesight. Within their first days I had the chance to ask a few critical questions to get to know them, ask about their first impressions, expectations of the program and if they had any advice for future applicants.

Hessel (left) and Joost (right) discussing the importance of SDGs

Firstly, why did you choose NewForesight Consultancy (NFC)?

Hessel: The topics and projects NFC work on matched my interests in sustainability, global agri-food and value chains perfectly. On top of that, NFC offers excellent learning opportunities and a team of great colleagues.

Joost: I agree, what triggered me was the focus on value chains that cover all stakeholders, from producers to consumers. NewForesight looks at the big picture, and I like seeing that big picture.

What is your first impression of the company? Be honest!

Joost: Vibrant, talented and positive. Those are the key impressions I’ve had in my first days here. People really want to get to know you, have lots of diverse experience and always try to send a positive vibe at the office.

Hessel: Everyone is really excited about the work they are doing, and more than willing to talk about it. Colleagues are also very willing to help each other.

What are you expecting to learn from the Junior Analyst program?

Hessel: I expect to get a much better understanding of what consultancy really is and how a consultancy company functions as a business. I also expect to gain real world experience on working towards more sustainable practices with different stakeholders, some of whom may not have sustainability as an integral part of their business.

Joost: What I aim for is when doing a project, I will be able to absorb all the knowledge out there and bring them down to the main points that are relevant to the project we are doing. I love to think and make all kinds of associations – the challenge is to extract the essence from it.

From your past experiences, what skill sets do you bring to NewForesight?

Joost: When working at Social Enterprise NL and the Code Social Enterprises, I’ve learnt to speak the ‘languages’ of different types of stakeholders. In other words, to deal with the interests and wordings of people from government, nonprofits, companies or research institutes. This ability to navigate between all of them turns out to be very useful in the consultancy project I’m currently involved in!

Hessel: I can bring structure to a complex process, also I am able to design and implement analytical models and clearly communicate results.

At NewForesight we help to drive the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). What do you think is the most important SDG, and why?

Hessel: I find SDG 12- Responsible Consumption and Production – very interesting. Specifically, referring to how personally, when buying groceries, I can have such an impact on people and Eco-systems around the world.

Joost: Okay then, if I must choose one, I would go for SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities – I think there is a lot to gain in terms of innovation, creativity and synergy if more people would be able to collaborate on the same economic and social level.

Finally, for those interested in applying for our next round of the Junior Analyst program, what advice would you give them?

Hessel: Find out what kind of projects the company really does, such as the topics, the clients, the deliverables and whatever more you can find. If you find all that super interesting, you’re already well on your way.

Joost: Read, talk, and explore as many different topics as you can. Don’t think your current education or program is the ‘most important’ one, but try to see its limited but indispensable role in the world and educate yourself as such!

What is the Junior Analyst Program? The intense and dynamic Junior Analyst 6 month program is designed for you to get inspired, learn and develop your skills within strategy consultancy. You work on at least two client-facing projects, are assigned an experienced consultant as your mentor and you receive several in-depth trainings to accelerate your professional skills.  

Interested in our Junior Analyst Progam? Great! Mark your agendas – We are hosting another Young Agents of Change Event in August 2019.

Can’t wait to hear more? Take a look at last year’s edition or read what wrote about the event.

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