Young Agents of Change Event: Meeting 23 high-potential sustainability changemakers

What does it mean to be a sustainability consultant? What do these people do in their daily job?

Many graduates and young professionals are driven to work on sustainability often find themselves asking these questions. NewForesight offered 23 high-potential young professionals a chance to find an answer to these questions during the Young Agents of Change event that took place on Friday, May 18.

As a BCorp, we are serious about creating shared opportunities, not only for our business but also for the world at large. We generously share our knowledge through blogs and articles, and this time we share it with the new generation of sustainability professionals. An opportunity to ‘Grow, learn and always develop’; something we strongly value as a company.

Inspirational talks and real-life cases

23 high-potentials from very diverse backgrounds gained a sneak-peak into the life of a sustainability consultant during a full-day crash course of NFC theory and practice.

The day started with an inspiring talk by NewForesight CEO, Lucas Simons, who explained the concept of market transformation that NewForesight has applied in many sectors across the world together with front-runner companies and organizations. Lucas also stressed the positive impact that young people can make in a world that is in serious need of thoughtful interventions.

Senior Consultant Will Saab presented a few examples of sustainability consulting projects, from building farmer economic models to developing high-level strategies together with our clients. Former Junior Analyst, Andrea Viviers, shared her experiences of being a Young Agent of Change at NewForesight. She started as a Junior Analyst and now works as an Analyst at the company for the last year. Before the participants were presented with the real-life cocoa sustainability cases, NewForesight Consultant Guus ter Haar gave a crash course on effective feedback and presentation techniques, which are essential skills for consultants.

The participants were then challenged to put theory into practice by cracking their own real-life cocoa sustainability cases. In a short time, they had to grasp the idea behind NewForesight’s methodologies and had to report back their findings to the fictitious client, the ‘Willy Wonka Chocolate Company’. Don’t let this name fool you, it represents the dedicated type of client NewForesight works with that holds a critical eye to making sustainability change in an effective way. The ‘Willy Wonka Chocolate Company’ therefore was not looking for a “quick fix”, but an integrated solution that leverages continuous impact in the long run. A true challenge for the participants!

High-potential sustainability change agents

We were thrilled to see all changemakers working hard to wrap their head around the complex cases, in a very collaborative way. The quality of their work was stunning; they proved to be a promising group of high-potential changemakers who are driven to tackle complex sustainability challenges. Following the event we were happy to hear the Young Agents of Change where able to learn from the experience and will apply the NewForesight-consulting skills in the future:

“The case study practice gave great insights on the types of information and challenges a consultant might face” – Robin Hooft van Huijsduijnen, MSc Sustainable Development

“I have been able to make use of many of the learnings already immediately during the week after the event” – Heidi Lampén, MSc Global Health, and Environmental Planning

 Creating shared opportunities together

We are looking back at a high-energy and exciting day that left both the participants and the NewForesight-team inspired, satisfied and driven to (continue to) make a change.

At NewForesight, we are excited to keep in touch with this new generation of change agents to use the knowledge gained from the Young Agents of Change event as a foundation in their quest of tackling the tough sustainability challenges of today, whether they will end up working at NewForesight or somewhere else.

Do you feel inspired?

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