Daniel Viviers-Rasmussen

About Daniel

As principal at NewForesight, Daniel supports companies and organizations in everything from strategy development, benchmark establishment, development of impact frameworks, gap and impact assessment, sourcing & pricing practices, to the development of strategies to improve smallholder farmer income. 

His professional motivation is to develop market-driven solutions to sustainability issues, creating innovative approaches for companies to benefit from more sustainable practices. The most exciting (consultancy) projects combine data-driven analytics and a high degree of client interaction to develop a convincing business proposition to invest in a more sustainable future. 

Email: Daniel.viviers-rasmussen@NewForesight.com

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-viviers-rasmussen-sustainability-consultant/

In more detail:

• An agricultural economist by training, Daniel’s expertise lies in supply chain development and incorporating sustainability into sourcing operations. 

• He has practical experience in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East working on supply chains structures and developing a (quantifiable) business case for investing in more sustainable practices. 

• He leads NewForesight’s Strategic Data Analytics business unit and is a guest lecturer on global agricultural value chains at University of Copenhagen.

Prior to NewForesight, Daniel worked for the Danish Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Danish Ministry of Defense, and undertook several research projects within coffee in Africa.

Daniel holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics.




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