Joost Backer – Analyst

Sustainability through connection. Those are the words that drive Joost in his work at NewForesight. He believes understanding each other’s languages and interests is key towards a world that is focused on creating long-term value. Institutions are nothing more than an aggregate of individuals, so it starts which approaching your colleague, client or relative in an open manner.

With his background in International Studies, focusing on Latin America, and Political Economy, Joost has always had a great interest in the relation between producing and consuming countries, and the people that are part of these value chains.

Before he has worked at Social Enterprise NL, the platform organization for social entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. During his time here he has been part of the set-up of the Code Social Enterprises. In this period, he has also done research on the institutional environment of social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

As an Analyst at NewForesight, Joost has worked on finding ways to accelerate the protein transition in the Netherlands – how to go from a animal-based, to a more plant-based diet.

Joost holds an MSc Political Economy from University of Amsterdam and a BA degree in International Studies from University of Leiden.

Joost is more than happy to discuss matters relating to social entrepreneurship or sustainability.


Skype: JoostWB