Setting up a global platform for increased collaboration in the coffee sector

Can you imagine never drinking coffee again? Well, this is not far from reality. A wide variety of complex and systemic environmental and socio-economic issues are jeopardizing the future of coffee production. Price volatility, climate change and recurring outbreaks of pests and diseases threaten a structurally increasing global supply of good quality coffee.  Due to a lack of sector coordination the performance data of interventions is not compared. To avoid a collapse of the coffee sector, stakeholders need to coordinate their interventions. For this reason, NewForesight supported the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) uniting 300 public and private sector members from 41 countries with common vision for the sector.

Uniting sector stakeholders from global to local with a vision for the coffee sector

Sustainability stress factors like poverty, labor shortages and climate change, bring shocks and surprises to those doing business in coffee, negatively affecting companies, governments, traders and farmers alike. For this reason, IDH, 4C and the International Coffee Organization (ICO) engaged the major stakeholders in the coffee sector to develop the Vision2020. NewForesight was assigned to design this umbrella approach uniting the sector. This overarching strategy enabled stakeholders to shape, steer, communicate and report on the sectors goals and activities.

Turning the costs of unsustainability in the coffee sector into a value proposition for collaboration

Following this vision, NewForesight supported merge of IDH’s coffee program with 4C into the Global Coffee Platform that carries the Vision2020. To grow the sustainability movement in the coffee sector, the GCP required a clear showcase of the benefits for collaboration. Together with the newly appointed GCP team NewForesight identified important client groups for the partnership and what they need to transform the sector. This included new business opportunities, increased value of corporate sustainability, strengthened stakeholder relations, and increased accountability between stakeholders. The open and inclusive new organization will continue to lead the coffee sector towards long-term sustainability by facilitating three core functions:

  • A dynamic platform servicing and enabling members to define a shared vision and commitment, act on priority agendas and align themselves with sector-wide strategies such as Vision 2020.
  • A Global Progress Framework to enable the sector to continually measure, report on and improve sustainability performance
  • A baseline reference code to underpin National Sustainability Strategies (NSCs) and act as a global reference in order to reach 100% of coffee production and reach more farming communities

To learn more about the activities of GCP global to local, head to their website or check out this video:

Two reasons why you should collaborate with NewForesight to drive collaboration in your sector:

  • NewForesight provides strategic advice on vision building, intervention implementation and everything in between as we understand that sector sustainability is a long-term game.
  • With our extensive experience across various sectors, we understand the root causes of the sector’s challenges at global and local levels and know how to develop accountable partnerships to tackle them.



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