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Workforce Nutrition Alliance​

The Challenge

Malnutrition is a global issue affecting one in three people. The workplace presents an optimal point of intervention to improve the health and well-being of individuals, but many employers lack the knowledge and resources to implement effective workforce nutrition programs.

The NewForesight Approach

NewForesight has collaborated with The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) since 2018 and more recently with The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) to help employers adopt and strengthen their workforce nutrition programs. This includes building a business case for workforce nutrition programs and outlining a strategy for the Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WFNA), co-founded by GAIN and CGF. NewForesight has been providing support in implementing these strategies.

The Result

NewForesight’s collaboration with GAIN and CGF has led to the formation of the WFNA, which aims to improve awareness and access to nutrition in the workplace. By providing guidance and support to employers, the WFNA is helping to contribute towards the health and well-being of individuals. Through its work, NewForesight is helping to address the global issue of malnutrition and promote better health outcomes for people in the workplace.


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