Achieving sustainable development with integrated land management

Restoration of landscapes and forests has the potential to solve multiple global and local challenges at the same time. Forest restoration and carbon-positive agriculture contributes to climate mitigation and adaptation, water security, food security and improvement of livelihoods. Nevertheless, we are currently losing ecosystems services, including food production, worth more than $6 trillion a year to erosion and other forms of land degradation. To realize the clear societal and business benefits of land restoration, more action is needed. Commonland, a Dutch NGO, is committed to finding a standardized approach to landscape restoration. To ensure effective monitoring and improvement of their approach, they partnered with NewForesight.

The business case for landscape restoration

Commonland believes that landscape restoration offers tremendous untapped opportunities for sustainable economic development. To demonstrate this potential, the organization develops landscape restoration projects that are based on business cases. Commonland ensures that the right stakeholders are involved with a clear value proposition for land restoration. This called the ‘four types of return on investment’. This unique method is being practiced in multiple countries: South Africa, Spain, Australia and the Netherlands.

Measuring and improving landscape restoration strategies

To continuously improve and organize the numerous learning sessions within the organization, Commonland uses a strategy called ‘4 returns across 3 zones for a period of 20 years’. NewForesight has collaborated with Commonland since 2015, supporting the company in incorporating more data-driven approaches, identifying potential impactful areas and developing a Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) strategy to track and improve performance.

1. Developing an investment strategy to identify impactful businesses
We defined a set of criteria and a rating system to organize the reviewing process of impactful restoration ventures. A database was created to review restoration ventures for delivering social, environmental, economic and inspirational value.

2. The design of an M&E framework and performance management strategy
This framework enables the organization and the individual development companies to establish strategic objectives, relate them to the goals of restoration interventions and the available resources, and track progress.

Two reasons why you should collaborate with NewForesight to improve your sustainability performance:

● We can share our unique insights into market dynamics, and we understand your special role in driving sustainable change.
● We integrate our performance management and M&E strategies within your organization, connect your global operations through data and ensure continuous improvement with a learning strategy.

Want to know more? Read the New Horizons report on the challenges and opportunities of our food system that we wrote together with Commonland or visit their website.