Four components, three phases, one system: Performance Management

The Syngenta Foundation (SFSA) creates value for small farmers in developing countries through innovation in sustainable agriculture and the activation of value chains. SFSA operates across three main streams: Agriservices, Risk Management and Access to Seeds. It also works on R&D and Policy.

SFSA engaged NewForesight to identify and roll out better ways to track and manage performance. SFSA wanted a Performance Management System (PMS) to:

  • understand its impact on market ecosystems
  • communicate its performance to partners, using a common language across streams
  • provide operational insights to prioritize investments and choose strategic actions
  • drive internal alignment to achieve its goals better.

NewForesight took a holistic approach to help SFSA design, pilot and internalize its PMS. In particular, we developed the following components:

  • Operational manual – this guides PMS roll-out in daily operations. The manual includes reporting cycles, roles & responsibilities, specific guidance on process & practices, and tools such as reporting templates.
  • KPI framework and methodology – this enables reporting of impact and progress across SFSA.  It focuses on cross-topic indicators, in order to understand aggregated impact.
  • Data collection pilot – this enables proper adoption of new practices across the organization, and ensures that the system builds on existing practices and way of working.
  • Online dashboard – developed together with an IT partner, this enables easy reporting and provides a snapshot of performance.

NewForesight took a phased approach to PMS delivery.

In the first phase, we developed the Theory of Change, identified and prioritized focus areas and produced a high-level PMS.

In the second phase, we designed and supported a PMS pilot, including data collection and coordination.  With feedback from the pilot, we co-designed and finalized the PMS, with components such as the dashboard and reporting templates.

Finally, we built capacity in SFSA’s team and handed over the system. SFSA can now track and report performance across streams and geographies.

NewForesight is your partner in implementing performance management systems.

We combine years of experience in developing competitive sustainability strategies with excellent skills in data and analytics. We connect all data-points in your organization, so they all get productively used.

Our consultants understand your organization, partners and sector, and help you integrate performance measurement into your ways of working.

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