Daniel Viviers-Rasmussen

Daniel is our specialist in leveraging agricultural economics to tackle tough sustainability challenges. By combining quantitative modeling based on ground-level collected data with in-depth practical advice on how to best implement sustainability interventions, Daniel takes every project to the next level.

Daniel plays a key role in data collection, aggregation, and analysis phases in our projects. His activities range from a living income assessment in West Africa to revising an Indonesian roadmap for cocoa together with the Cocoa Sustainability Partnership. Also within our work on Service Delivery Models, our long-term partnership with IDH, Daniel contributes with his outstanding analyses and well-supported practical recommendations.

Before joining NewForesight, Daniel worked for the Danish Ministry of Food and Agriculture but his experience with smallholder farmers goes way back to when he studied farmers’ adaption to climate change and weather hazards in Kenya and the rejuvenation of the post-conflict coffee value chain in Angola. Are you looking for assistance in analyzing the business case of farm rejuvenation, in calculating the cost-benefit of climate-smart mitigation strategies, or in assessing the economic sustainability of your company’s service delivery and/or sourcing model? Feel free to contact Daniel and discover the opportunities.

Daniel holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics.

Email: Daniel.Pedersen@NewForesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-pedersen-518bb85a/
Skype: Daniel.Pedersen