Tieme Kok

About Tieme

In his work at NewForesight, Tieme strives help accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, by providing structured and strategic advice for organizations based on transition frameworks. His background in finance and in business provides him with an understanding of financial markets, financing structures and sustainable business practices.

Email: tieme.kok@newforesight.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tieme-kok  


  • Before joining NewForesight, Tieme gathered experience on collaborating with partners to create successful campaigns as a marketing specialist for a Dutch retail company.
  •          He is passionate about nature and exploring new places through traveling. In his free time, Tieme enjoys playing football, reading books on climate change, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Tieme holds a bachelor’s in Economics and Business Economics and master’s in Finance, including focus area Sustainable Society. He wrote his master’s thesis on “Green Bonds and the Environmental Performance of Corporations”.

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