Sustainable Sourcing Landscapes




The concept of Sustainable Sourcing Landscapes provides a framework to tackle issues at the scale of a landscape and drive the transition of entire regions to sustainable production. The beauty of it is that, if properly designed and implemented, it can be applied from a single sector to the entire patchwork of human activity in a landscape, and across all commodities.

This NFC discussion paper provides a high-level overview of the benefits that can result from organizing sustainability efforts through a landscape approach: increased impact of efforts; more effective collaboration, empowerment and commitment; improved investment decisions; and decreased sourcing & brand risk. It describes the concept and benefits and ends by defining the elements of a successful approach.

Through this simplified overview, it challenges the reader to consider how to integrate landscape thinking to effectively achieve sustainability & business impact through scale.

Download the discussion paper here, and get in touch with our Sustainable Sourcing Landscapes expert Guus ter Haar to continue the conversation.