Guus ter Haar


Guus’ work revolves around positive impact. Using his knack for systems thinking, he develops integral strategies, clear value propositions, and convincing messaging to drive sustainable change on a big scale.

Guus is the lead for NewForesight’s landscape level work, developing real world tools for driving sustainable change on the largest scale. He played a central role in the development of the Jurisdictional Approach to Certification for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, a global jurisdictional strategy for the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative and the Verified Sourcing Area concept of IDH.  Additionally, he has worked with several corporate clients to devise an approach to translate global sustainability strategies to local realities with a central role for local stakeholder input and capacity building.

One project that Guus recalls as particularly important for him is the Green Protein Alliance. “This for me really captured NewForesight’s way of working: turning what was to be an exploratory study into an actionable concept, designing the strategy and plan of action, crunching the numbers on different possible scenarios, building a value proposition validated with stakeholders, supporting outreach, and securing public and private funding. We ended up launching the aptly named Green Protein Alliance at a special event, with the presence of what had become one of our greatest fans, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs at the time, Martijn van Dam. What made it special was the ambitious and driven group of people we worked with, in a completely new sector, and in our own backyard, so to speak. Currently the initiative is still in the hands of ‘Green Protein Crusader’ Jeroen Willemsen, and it is making bigger waves each year.”

Through his work, Guus enabled NewForesight to add more game-changing sustainability strategies to its track record, as well as thinking tools such as the Six Key Elements of Market Transformation.

Guus builds on his previous experience as a communication strategy consultant at Schuttelaar & Partners to contribute to the firm’s thought leadership and external visibility. He is the lead author of two chapters in an upcoming Springer publication on natural resource management, which lays out NewForesight’s vision on the future of voluntary sustainability standards. Guus was named a Dutch Young Sustainability Leader in 2017 and holds an MSc in Science & Business Management as well as a BSc in Biology.

Contact Guus if you want to know how to turn your vision of sustainability into real-world value through global-to-local strategies, strong value propositions, and effective processes for setting local priorities with your stakeholders.