Our people

Our values

The foundation of NewForesight is a set of values. They guide us in our projects and on the work floor.

We create lasting impact, together with our clients

  • Sustainability – We are passionate about solving complex sustainability challenges
  • Commitment – We are dedicated to serving our clients and delivering quality outcomes
  • Collaboration – We seek diversity and synergy in perspectives and partners

We tell it like it is

  • Integrity – We say what we do and do what we say
  • Courage – We challenge the status quo
  • Respect – We operate on the basis of mutual respect and support

We own it and grow it

  • Ownership – We always take responsibility for our actions and outcomes
  • Innovation – We are innovative in our methods and ways of working
  • Growth – We invest in professional and personal growth, as individuals and as a team



The team

Our people are a reflection of our values. We are a dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about tackling tough sustainability challenges. We believe that the best ideas come from bringing together a broad range of perspectives. Our diverse team consists of strong individuals who each contribute in their own way to the final solution.

Meet our people:


Lucas Simons


Chief Inspiration

A brainstorm with our CEO and founder is like entering a tornado of ideas. His book Changing the Food Game  is an example of how these ideas can become reality, create momentum and drive lasting change. To get an idea of how Lucas is translating his ideas into sustainable sector transformations, his TedX talk can be seen here. It is this kind of visionary leadership that has driven the strategies and successes of many of our flagship projects.

CocoaAction: read about how the third phase of market transformation can be organized.
Organic Cotton Accelerator: see how the combination of facilitation, strategy and technical knowledge can drive momentum and change.
Service Delivery Models: find out how business case thinking and economic modelling can ignite innovation.

Lucas is always seeking sustainability solutions in the market. Previously, Lucas was the first director of UTZ CERTIFIED (2002-2008) – a leading global certification and sustainability standard organization for sustainable coffee, cocoa and tea. Besides NewForesight, he founded SCOPEinsight, which is a farmer organization assessment company bridging the gap between professional farmer organizations, markets and sources of finance. He also established Explorement which invests in social entrepreneurs who dream big, think global and act local. At present, he is also dedicating his time to launching ThrivingCoalitions.

His sustainability efforts do not go unnoticed. In 2011, he was honored as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum for his commitment and accomplishments in the field of sustainable trade, agriculture and rural development. In 2013, he became an Ashoka Fellow for his pioneering role as a social entrepreneur and a systemic change maker. And in February 2015, Lucas was announced as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) – an initiative of the Clinton Foundation which convenes global leaders to create and implement solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Lucas holds an MSc in Environmental Hygiene from Wageningen University and an MBA with merit from Tias-Nimbas Graduate School of Management.

Contact Tessa if you would like to invite Lucas to inspire your organization, your company or your students. He loves to teach at (business) universities or stir up a board room.

Email: lucas.simons@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/lucassimons
Skype: lucas.simons

Wouter-Jan Schouten


Food Transition Orchestrator

Our seasoned senior advisor Wouter-Jan has over 20 years of experience in management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group. He has worked with many of Europe’s leading companies in the consumer products, agro and food industries across Europe, Asia and Africa. He also supported the top team of the Dutch Agro-Food sector in setting the pre-competitive sector agenda in 2011. Wouter-Jan holds an MSc in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Combining his network and expertise with NewForesight thinking has already proved to be a winning combination. This is exemplified in the  “New Horizons for the Transitioning of our Food System” report which has been initiated by Wouter-Jan and jointly prepared by teams from NewForesight, Commonland, and The Boston Consulting Group. The report argues that the pressing challenges facing our food system can be translated into opportunities if we change our prevailing logic and adopt a holistic approach towards the food transition . The report gives us a clear mandate to engage (new) clients in our work.

Besides his role as a Senior Advisor at NewForesight, Wouter-Jan is also the theme director for Food Chain Sustainability and Dynamics at the Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TiFN).

Contact Wouter-Jan if you would like to know more about the report From Challenge to Opportunity, and how it could help you contribute to the global food transition.

Email: wouter-jan.schouten@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/pub/wouter-jan-schouten/4/ab3/960
Skype: live:wenb.schouten

Joost Gorter


Inspirational Strategist

If you are looking for that ‘’oh, wow, never thought of it that way’’ moment, it is time to talk to our senior consultant Joost. He is our in-house specialist for finding new perspectives and alternative routes that can give you the business edge you were aiming for.

Previously, Joost has worked for the World Bank, GIZ, USAID, the United Nations and the Dutch Government, amongst others; in locations including Washington DC, China, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Joost obtained an MA with honors in International Relations and Economics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) on a Fulbright Scholarship, and holds an MA in History from the University of Amsterdam. His varied background has shaped his unique perspective and charming wit that has given many of our clients the inspiration they need to take their sustainability strategy to the next level.

Joost has been involved in the initial phase of several sustainable market transformations, principally in agri-commodity sectors such as coffee, cocoa and cotton. He has helped structure sector-wide coalitions that have transformed the entire sector towards more sustainable practices, and has continued to work with these coalitions to design strategies that can scale-up their potential. Joost supported the Sustainable Coffee Program as interim manager throughout its development phase, and did so again after its merger with the 4C Association to form the Global Coffee Platform. He also managed the start-up phase of CocoaAction with the World Cocoa Foundation,  as well as for the Organic Cotton Accelerator  with a group of companies and foundations.

For instant inspiration, read this publication that Joost has contributed to on how to drive a sector transformation.

Contact Joost if you are looking for ideas and somebody who can translate your sustainability ideas into action.

Email: joost.gorter@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/joostgorter
Skype: jgorter

William Saab


Random Number Generator

Will is our analytical mastermind. The insightful models he creates lay the groundwork for winning sustainability strategies and services. As a consultant at NewForesight, he leads our work in economic and quantitative analysis, which includes building dynamic models to measure the agronomic and/or economic impact at farm, company, and sector level; and statistical analysis of impact data. Will uses the insights from these models to translate sustainability strategies into long-term roadmaps and practical interventions.

For IDH’s Service Delivery Models study, Will analyzed the economic sustainability and impact of sustainability programs on the farm, service provider and investor levels across companies in the cocoa, coffee, and spices sectors in different geographies.

In CocoaAction, his Farmer Economic Model helped cocoa sector stakeholders to understand the long-term effect of their interventions on the farmer business case, which has played an important part in building momentum for sustainability in the cocoa industry.

Will’s background as a strategy consultant with Booz & Company gives him a solid base upon which to build sustainability solutions for NewForesight. Previously, he was based in Lebanon and the Netherlands, where he supported both public (incl. education, healthcare, labor policy) and private (incl. FMCG, finance, oil & gas) clients. Will has an MA with honors in International Relations and Economics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and an MA with first class honors in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Contact Will if you are interested in economic modelling: from farm to sector level.

Email: william.saab@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamsaab
Skype: will.saab

Hilde van Duijn


Strategic Engineer

Our consultant Hilde knows how to construct a solid base for any project to succeed. Building on seven years of experience with the engineering and project management consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV, she is skilled in designing both the strategic foundations of sustainability projects as well as the tools for implementation. Hilde holds a MSc in System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management from the Technical University in Delft.

Her visionary and practical thinking was put into practice with her work for the Global Coffee Platform, where she refined their strategy towards a more sustainable sector, and translated this into a value proposition for members. In the organic cotton sector, Hilde also acted as a catalyst for change through her contribution to the strategy for the Organic Cotton Accelerator, and the rolling out of interventions to increase transparency and traceability in the sector. For a better understanding of how traceability can contribute to integrity and sector sustainability, you can read her article on the subject.

Contact Hilde if you want to know how you can come to a robust strategy and impactful tools for your sustainability objectives.

Email: hilde.vanduijn@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/hilde-van-duijn/5/2b0/1b2
Skype: hildevanduijn

Bart Vollaard


Bridge-Building Biologist

Our in-house biologist Bart knows how to balance different needs and interests, and how to get stakeholders aligned on a strategy or program. As a NewForesight consultant, he has worked on many of our sector changing projects in coffee, cocoa, cotton and sugarcane.

Bart has mostly worked on strategy and program design, governance and business model development for a number of multi-stakeholder initiatives and standards such as CocoaAction, the 4C Association, Bonsucro, and the Indonesian Cocoa Sustainability Partnership. Currently, as Program Director for the Organic Cotton Accelerator, he drives the OCA farm-level interventions and seeds program in India, which is focused on improving the business case for organic cotton farmers. Read more about this here.

The delivery of the future strategy of the 4C Association, which led to the birth of the Global Coffee Platform, marked a new step forward for sustainability thinking in the coffee sector. In this visionary project, Bart’s practical work in standards and accreditation, as well as M&E systems and results frameworks, has played a crucial role in contributing towards tackling the tough sustainability challenges in this sector.

Bart holds an MSc with honors in Natural Resources Management and a BA with honors in Biology.

Contact Bart if you wish to learn more about practical solutions on the road to sustainability, or if you would like to learn about seeds and cotton farmers – especially with regards to creating farmer opportunities.

Email: bart.vollaard@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bartvollaard
Skype: bartvollaard

Guus ter Haar


Positive Impact Provocateur

Guus’ work revolves around positive impact. Through holistic strategies, shared goals and convincing communication, he manages to encourage even the sceptics to join him. He also knows how to drive projects and people towards having real world impact, evidenced by his leading role in founding the Green Protein Alliance and his work with the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

With both GPA and the work for GSSI, Guus enabled NewForesight to add more game-changing sustainability strategies to its track record; an actionable strategy and business case to engage retail and food service in food sustainability, as well as driving structural change in seafood, a sector which supports approximately 12% of the world’s population.

At NewForesight, Guus also leads our (strategic) communications work, building on his previous experience as a communication strategy consultant at Schuttelaar & Partners. He is the lead author of two chapters in an upcoming Springer publication on natural resource management, which lays out NewForesight’s vision on the future of voluntary sustainability standards. Guus was named a Dutch Young Sustainability Leader and holds an MSc in Science & Business Management as well as a BSc in Biology.

Contact Guus if you want to know how to turn your vision of sustainability into business value through comprehensive strategies, strong value propositions, and organizational models to support implementation.

Email: guus.terhaar@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/guusterhaar
Skype: guusterhaar

Wouter van Monsjou


Lean Green Insights Machine

When in need of a quantitative sustainability analysis; get in touch with Wouter. Wouter is Associate Consultant  at NewForesight and his quantitative mind and skillset are impressive. The insights derived from his statistical and sensitivity analyses have helped to develop sustainability strategies and business models for many of our clients who operate in agro-commodity supply chains.

Wouter has played an important part in designing IDH’s Service Delivery Model methodologywhich is increasingly gaining recognition and traction. His analysis of the long-term effects of interventions targeted at improving the farmer business case has provided an important knowledge base for designing service improvements that will positively impact hundreds of thousands of farmers’ worldwide. An example of a case report can be found here.

Additionally, for the Organic Cotton Accelerator, Wouter has worked on economic modeling in order to contribute towards a better understanding of the business case of the farmer, and to help design interventions that will improve it.

Wouter holds an MSc in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam.

Email: wouter.vanmonsjou@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/woutervanmonsjou
Skype: wouter.newforesight

Renée Engelsman


Social Change Commando

Renée is dedicated to confronting the bigger stories behind social problems. An entrepreneur at heart, she dares to think big and she is not afraid to shake up the status quo. With her holistic, lateral thinking combined with a deep sense of cross-cultural understanding, she is a skilled facilitator who finds synergies within the most diverse of groups. She knows how to get the best out of everybody, and she uses her creativity to drive innovative processes and solutions.

At NewForesight, Renée works on one of our most forward looking projects in the cocoa industry. Her solid, complex analyses to find the criteria that impacts investments on farmers in the cocoa industry is crucial to achieving the goal of lifting thousands of farmers out of poverty. She also plays a vital role in several Service Delivery Model cases where she applies her innovative thinking to help revolutionize the way services are delivered to smallholder farmers across different sectors.

Prior to NewForesight, Renée worked for three years as a Strategy and Transformation Consultant at Capgemini where she worked on projects using technology to facilitate systemic solutions for sustainability. She has a degree in European Law (LLM) and an MSc in Innovation Management from the University of Utrecht.

Email: renee.engelsman@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reneeengelsman/
Skype: r.engelsman

Rowena Achterkamp


Sector Wave-Maker

Sustainability is not just about creating a vision. It requires hard work, and Rowena is all about putting sustainability strategies into action. For her, market transformation is about getting things done. Rowena is an expert in aligning sector stakeholders and keeping track of progress achieved. With an entrepreneurial mindset, she asks critical questions in all of the projects she is involved in and is consequently able to push things forward.

In her work for the Organic Cotton Accelerator, she has worked to turn the Foundation’s shared sector vision into a platform for collective action. She has helped to identify a value proposition for OCA, and is focusing on how OCA can further grow the movement towards a prosperous organic cotton sector, from farmer to consumer

Before joining NewForesight, Rowena worked at CSR Netherlands for five years. As a project manager, she co-facilitated sustainable market transformation trajectories for both the maritime and chemical sectors. To do so, she set a vision and ambition for each sector, and developed several projects for strategic implementation towards lasting change.

Rowena has a MA in International Relations and International Organization from the University of Groningen and was named as one of the ‘100 Dutch Young Leaders in Sustainability’ in 2016.

Email: rowena.achterkamp@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rowenaachterkamp/
Skype: rowena.achterkamp

Laurens Speelman


Captain Complexity

As one of the select few to be able to list ‘Complexity’ as one of his degrees, Laurens quickly grasps complex issues, is an expert in big data analytics, and has a knack for designing and programming computer simulations.

Laurens has developed highly data-driven solutions with local relevance. He does this by working together with stakeholders who have diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, ranging from local fishermen and farmers to professors, ministers, and managers. He has broad as well as in-depth methodological knowledge and can quickly identify and implement appropriate analytical methods to develop high-quality and innovative solutions to complex sustainability challenges.

Using this affinity for complexity and an analytical mindset, Laurens is in the core of NewForesight’s analytical and modelling work, spending most days on the Service Delivery Model that we do in support of our partner IDH.

Laurens holds a PhD degree in Engineering and the Environment from the University of Southampton, and MSc degrees in Complexity Science (University of Southampton) and Environmental Science (Wageningen University). At Wageningen University and Research, he worked with a model for dynamic water resources and crop production, which culminated in a journal publication on the effects of adaptation options on crop production and water resources in river basins in India. Before coming to NewForesight, Laurens worked as a strategy consultant at Spring Associates in Amsterdam and worked in international development in Tanzania and in The Netherlands.

Email: laurens.speelman@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurens-speelman-83319131
Skype: laurens.speelman

Jennifer Morton


Duchess of Diplomacy

Jennifer is a systemic thinker who brings a structural mindset combined with an eye for detail to every project she works on at NewForesight. With a talent for tact and diplomacy, she is a natural at engaging with stakeholders and managing client relations, and understands how to align different stakeholder agendas to drive the success of any sustainability partnership.

As an Analyst at NewForesight, Jennifer puts these skills into practice with her central role in the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA). Being extensively involved in strategic analyses as well as project management support and communications, Jennifer juggles different skillsets to help our clients tackle the challenges in organic cotton and organize governance in the sector. Her innovative analysis on tipping points in sustainability markets and insights about the success conditions for sustainability partnerships have been used as central building blocks in OCA’s sector-wide vision for how to structurally transform the organic cotton sector.

Jennifer was awarded a First Class in her Master of Arts Honours degree in International Relations from the University of St Andrews. In addition, she is further pursuing her academic interests with part-time study towards an MSc in Corporate Social Responsibility with Sustainable Development.

Email: jennifer.morton@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-morton-89b9b099/
Skype: jenniferlilliana

Andrea Viviers


Justice Warrior

Andrea brings energy into every project she works on at NewForesight. Coming from South Africa and with a background in anti-fraud practices, compliance and system dynamics, she is deeply motivated by any issue that involves business integrity and securing justice for every stakeholder in the value chain.

As an Analyst at NewForesight, she has worked on multiple sustainability solutions for frontrunner clients in the coffee, cocoa and seafood sectors.  From assessments on value chains, sustainability programs, stakeholders, M&E results and regional sustainability priorities,  Andrea plays a big role in standardizing our solutions to make them scalable. In addition to her projects, Andrea is exploring the hindering effects of corruption within the agricultural value chain.

Andrea has an MSc in Business Administration from TIAS School for Business and Society in the Netherlands and an Honors degree in Forensic Accounting from the North-West University in in South Africa.

Email: andrea.viviers@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreaviviers/
Skype: andrea.viviers

Silvana Paniagua


Creative Strategist

Silvana turns our thoughts and theories into telling visuals. As an associate consultant she is based in Madrid but indispensable to our team. Her creativity seems to know no boundaries. She developed the visuals used in CocoaAction and the Organic Cotton Accelerator, amongst many other projects.

Silvana’s strategic mind complements her creative talents. She has been part of CocoaAction since its inception, and contributed to the foundational thinking that led to one of the most comprehensive industry sustainability strategies across the globe. Currently, she is focusing on the coffee sector, where she is working on a coffee strategy for Tchibo, which will lead to a practical roadmap and targeted interventions.

Silvana has a BA in Architecture from ITESM (Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios superiores de Monterrey) in Mexico, and an MSc in Engineering at the Technical University in Delft. She is also currently pursuing a PhD in sustainability-driven projects at the Delft Institute of Technology.

Contact Silvana if you are looking for creative solutions for your sustainability goals.

Email: silvana.paniagua@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://es.linkedin.com/in/silvanapaniagua
Skype: silvana.paniagua.tufinio

Eva Schouten


Idealistic Impact Marketeer

Combine excitement about impact with a bucket-load of creativity and you get Eva. She uses Marketing and Communications to grasp the meaning of NewForesight projects and finds innovative ways to convey our messaging. Marketing for her is not about putting impact down on paper—it is actually a way of creating change altogether.

As Communications officer for the Organic Cotton Accelerator, Eva takes care of both internal and external communications. She supports NewForesight in Marketing and Communication strategy and implementation, as well as building the company’s brand identity. Eva also plays an important role in developing the tools that help NewForesight’s clients clearly define and strategically use their identity, and supports the facilitation of workshops that help them put this thinking into practice.

Before joining NewForesight, Eva worked as an ‘Impact Fairy’ at Lendahand where she worked on impact reporting and research. She currently works for NewForesight through ThrivingCoalitions and also supports our sister company SCOPEinsight.

Eva holds an MSc in International Development Studies from Utrecht University.

Email: eva.schouten@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eva-schouten-b579b661/
Skype: evaschouten1993

Pauline van Benthem


Legal Lady

With the law on her side, Pauline graciously guides us through any bureaucratic minefield. She makes sure that all the paperwork is in order, both for us and for our clients.

Pauline draws on her long-standing experience as a lawyer. Her services extend beyond making sure NewForesight complies with legal requirements. She also contributes to those projects where our clients need legal support. Pauline has provided legal expertise for the Organic Cotton Accelerator and the Green Protein Alliance amongst others. Her services are key to establishing legally sound multi-stakeholder organizations and governance structures.

Pauline has a Master of Laws from Leiden University. She was admitted to the European Bar in 1984.

Email: pauline.vanbenthem@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/paulinevanbenthem
Skype: pauline.van.benthem

Tessa van der Meiden


Office Ninja

Sustainable market transformations are dynamic and unpredictable, as can be a day in our office. Amidst the fast-paced nature of our daily operations, our office manager Tessa is our safe haven. She ensures that NewForesight and its sister organization SCOPEinsight function like well-oiled machines, as she masters the skill of juggling the different needs and perspectives of our organisations.

Tessa is driven to work for positive impact. Before joining us at NewForesight, she worked for over 6 years at an international not-for-profit organization which focused on making quality healthcare accessible and affordable for low- and middle-income countries. Tessa believes in the people behind impact and finding opportunities to empower them. She has been a driving force in our HR and recruitment policies, and is often the one that helps take the final decision on a candidate.

Tessa studied Tourism Management at Schoevers in Amsterdam.

Contact Tessa if you would like to know more about our recruitment strategy or for general information requests.

Email: tessa.vandermeiden@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tessavandermeiden
Skype: tessavandermeiden

Your career

NewForesight is committed to drawing together talented and driven people from a range of backgrounds and origins. The company has been growing since it was founded in 2008 and we are constantly on the look-out for professional and creative people to join our team.

We offer unique opportunities for individuals who are dedicated to creating significant sustainability impact on a global scale, while we also invest in your own personal development with a steep learning curve.

To make sure our work stays cutting-edge and our people continue to grow as individuals and as consultants, the company has a strong focus on training and development. We invest in both personal and team development through coaching, training and internal mentoring.

What we offer:

  • Delineation of the responsibilities and opportunities for team members at each level within our organization, and a support system (including mentoring, training, evaluations) to help our people grow and mature personally and professionally
  • An internal training program to help our analysts develop their skills, with trainings tailored to the different levels within our organization
  • Opportunities for external training where appropriate
  • 360-degree assessments twice a year, where development needs and career development opportunities are identified

What are we currently looking for:

No one in particular, although if you feel that you’re up to the task and don’t know how we ever worked without you in our team, an open application is always welcome. Our sisterorganization ThrivingCoalitions is looking for a Financial Administrative Assistant. Are you the ‘role-up -your -sleeves type’ they are looking for?

For young, high potential change makers, NewForesight offers a 6-month Junior Analyst Program. Promising recent graduates can apply throughout the year. Interested to learn more before you apply? Check out our ‘Young Agents of Change‘ events!


The NewForesight Junior Analyst Program

For young and high potential candidates, NewForesight offers a 6-month Junior Analyst program. 


  • Work on at least 2 projects during 6 months at NewForesight
  • Get assigned an experienced consultant as a mentor to help you identify your development priorities, and to ensure you have the opportunity to work on these
  • Attend at least 2 internal trainings during your period at NewForesight
  • Get the opportunity to grow within the organization. Most of our current analysts are being hired after completing this program

The Junior Analyst program is a valuable opportunity to explore and at NewForesight this is 100% stimulated. If you really enjoy doing something different every day; this is your place!”

– Andrea Viviers, former Junior Analyst at NewForesight

Your responsibilities:

  • Research and analysis (e.g. industry level analysis of agro-commodity sectors)
  • Project management support
  • Quickly translate theory into practically applicable project content
  • Assist in organizing our projects, with progressive client exposure depending on capabilities
  • Ad-hoc research projects and practical matters such as building PowerPoint presentations etc.

What we are looking for:

  • Recent graduates with relevant studies at University level
  • Confident in English, written and spoken (other languages are a plus)
  • Solid analytical skills
  • Ability to work independently on tasks and projects
  • Prioritization and planning skills
  • Good communication skills (including interviewing, presenting, etc.)
  • Hands-on mentality and team player
  • Above average interest in and knowledge of sustainability, development and agriculture

What we offer:

  • A dynamic opportunity to learn and gain experience at a social venture organization in the center of Utrecht
  • Being an integral part of the committed project team in a small, fast growing organization
  • Challenging responsibilities in a broad consultancy context
  • A freelance fee

If you are looking to jumpstart your career in sustainability and think that you have the potential to join our team, keep an eye on the career page of our website for a Junior Analyst opening or join our Young Agent of Change events!


Meet our Junior Analysts

For young and high potential candidates, NewForesight offers a 6-month Junior Analyst program. Promising recent graduates can apply throughout the year.

Junior Analysts:

  • Work on at least 2 projects during their 6 months at NewForesight
  • Are assigned an experienced consultant as a mentor to help them identify their development priorities, and to ensure they have the opportunity to work on these
  • Attend at least 2 internal trainings during their period at NewForesight
  • Have the opportunity to grow within the organization, with most of our current analysts being hired after completing this program.

If you are looking to jumpstart your career in sustainability and think that you have the potential to join our team, keep an eye on our website for Junior Analyst opening and join our Young Agent of Change events to get to know more about NewForesight!

Meet our current Junior Analysts:

Daniel Pederson

Daniel is from Denmark and obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of Copenhagen. As part of his studies, Daniel also spent an academic year at University of California at Davis and undertook fieldwork in Kenya and Angola. The focus of his studies has been on agricultural value chains in developing countries, with his master’s thesis investigating the post-conflict rehabilitation of coffee sectors, with special emphasis on the Angolan coffee sector. During his studies, Daniel has worked for the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, the Danish Ministry of Defense and the Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C.

At the company, Daniel seeks to learn how NewForesight works with its clients to determine patterns in best practices on-the-ground, and incorporate these into systemic frameworks that can be applied in different cases to improve efficiency and create more sustainable solutions. Daniel will therefore be integrated into NewForesight’s current work on Service Delivery Models.

“The work environment at NewForesight is very inspiring. Everyone working here is energetic and driven by a common goal of creating sustainable solutions. It creates a very open atmosphere where people are always eager to learn and be challenged and where there is space for everyone to chip in with new ideas and solutions.”

Anny Stoikova

Anny is from Bulgaria and has a bachelor’s degree with honors in Political Science and International Relations. She also has a Master of Laws from the Central European University in Budapest, specializing in Comparative Constitutional Law and Human Rights, and was awarded the annual academic achievement award. She was a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and Columbia School of Law, and taught Human Rights Law at the American University in Bulgaria.

The Junior Analyst position is an opportunity for her to develop knowledge of the tools and methods to make the business case for sustainability, and to create value for all stakeholders through pre-competitive initiatives. While at NewForesight, she is working on several projects, including a project for the International Cocoa Organization for the development of a system to measure success in the industry, as well as on Service Delivery Models.

“NewForesight provides a rare glimpse into a company whose members and work style truly reflect its values and mission. I am very excited to be able to work side by side with such committed professionals to drive and create transformational strategies in sustainability”.


Young Agents of Change events

If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of a sustainability strategy consultant looks like, want to see how top-level sustainability thinking is applied in a real-life setting, and are you looking for an opportunity to create significant sustainability impact on a global scale? Then our Young Agents of Change events are perfect for you!

For these events we invite a select group of recent graduates at the start of their careers, to challenge themselves, learn about real-life sustainability topics, and ask critical questions. These events are a way to get to know young people interested in working at NewForesight and we obtain our Junior Analysts from our Young Agents of Change events. Keep an eye on this page for our next YAoC-event or leave your contact details here so you get reminded of our upcoming events.