NewForesight has a strong track record in:

  • Thought leadership on system change;
  • Alignment towards a shared vision and strategy;
  • Development of longer-term strategy and roadmap;
  • Convening of key stakeholders and facilitation of transformation.

A market’s transformation towards sustainability requires significant changes to market dynamics. Collaboration between (former) competitors is a prerequisite to change. Players within a market must first recognize their common interest in long-term sustainability of the market. Subsequently, they must agree upon new ways of working to make such a strategy possible.

Resistance is part of the initial process of change. A different way of thinking is not achieved overnight. Pre-competitive advantages need to be translated into an achievable opportunity for sustainability of a sector.

Our strong and proven track record demonstrates that sector transformation is possible. We have extensive experience in guiding our clients through all stages of a sustainable sector transformation process. We know how to deal with the sensitivities associated with change and how to achieve the alignment that is needed with relevant stakeholders.

NewForesight offers four services that facilitate sustainable market transformations. In general our clients decide on a service-mix. Needless to say, we are curious to hear about the transformation process you wish to incite and happy to find out how we can be of help.




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Preceding your sustainability strategy a thorough program evaluation, market research and/or trends analysis might be required. This can lead to a customized theory of change on sustainable development within your sector. We can do this preparatory work to make sure your sustainability strategy is founded on a firm base.

Sustainable market transformation is a complex and specialized field. We offer you an expert body of knowledge on sustainable market transformation. Over the years we have garnered ample experience in dealing with sustainability challenges across multiple sectors, and have established ourselves as thought-leaders on the subject. We developed leading frameworks and theories describing sustainable market transformation principles and strategies.

Alongside our articles and publications, we lecture on a variety of topics related to market transformations. These include the tipping points for market transformation, finance for agriculture and social innovation at institutions such as the University of Utrecht, University of Amsterdam, Nijenrode Business University and TIAS Business School‎.

We also offer a half-day workshop by Lucas Simons based on his book Changing the Food Game. Your company’s sustainability strategy is analyzed and interactively translated into a winning strategy. Ideally the workshop is attended by around 10-15 people. A copy of Changing the Food Game is reserved for each participant. 


An ambitious and achievable sector transformation must be underpinned by a strong strategy and vision. By analyzing the dynamics and relationships of complex systems we are able to identify the mechanisms, opportunities and barriers within them. From this analytical basis we develop intervention strategies to realize structural change.

We support you in developing a sustainability vision and translate this into an overarching strategic framework. In this process, we build detailed roadmaps and interventions, designed to help you achieve your sustainability goals.


The system change that you are aiming for is unattainable through working independently. Multiple stakeholders from industry, public sector, and society must all be aligned in order to realize structural sustainable change.

We convene all stakeholders relevant for sustainability in your sector and get them on the same page. We hear their concerns and understand their priorities. In the end, our goal is the alignment of key stakeholders around a shared vision, strategy or program, with clear agreements delineating program roles and responsibilities.


Ultimately, the success of a strategy depends on strong implementation. We design the tools you need for putting into practice the market transformation you envision. These tools include sustainability certification, traceability systems and extension service delivery models. In addition, we help you design appropriate governance and organizational structures, including monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Moreover, to include the key stakeholders in your sustainability ambitions we have a highly effective communication department. We can support you in designing a powerful communication strategy and content, and spread the message to your target group. With professional design and excellent data visualization tools and techniques, we can help you in creating professional presentations and documents. We visualize complexity, in both numbers and words.

Our visualization services include:

  • Thinking maps. We translate complex thoughts and ideas into structured and clear diagrams, so your team and your clients can understand them easily. These thinking maps reflect large amounts of information, strategies or plans in a simple, comprehensive and attractive way.
  • Evidence building. We help you to present the evidence (charts, data, numbers, etc) in a way that shows and strengthens your arguments.
  • Story telling. We work with you to build the story you want to tell, in order to create top professional presentations. We can develop a visual language (icons, logos, styles) that potentializes the message, infographics that support the argumentation and a presentation flow.