Worker nutrition programmes -GAIN and NewForesight undertook a study

Nutrition programmes within commodity value chains provide a unique opportunity to
improve health outcomes for workers, farmers, their households, and communities.
They bring benefits to communities, businesses, governments, and markets. In order
for these programmes to be viable in the long term, businesses need to be willing to
invest, and the business case for doing so must be understood.

GAIN and NewForesight undertook a study to understand the business case for
worker nutrition programmes in companies’ value chains, working with Touton and
Ferrero in Ghana, Lenny’s Apparels Ltd and garment buyers in Bangladesh, and
APPL Plantations and Unilever in India. Across all three studies, companies
producing cocoa, garments and tea believed that there is a strong business case for
nutrition programmes in their value chains.

You can find the key findings from the research here.
And the in-depth case studies here.