Valuable information on how to accelerate the transition towards sustainability in small-holder-dominated agricultural sectors is as of now available online. The outcomes of a study that NewForesight conducted in partnership with Aidenvironment and IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development) led to a Sustainable Sector Transformation Model that can be found on By developing tools such as this model, and making them publicly available, NewForesight aims to contribute to the sustainable transformation of mostly unsustainable small-holder dominated agricultural sectors.

The model consists of five building blocks: (1) sector alignment and accountability, (2) strengthening of market demand, (3) public sector governance, (4) organization of the production base and (5) organization of the service sector. Each block represents a condition for realizing quality on a farm and sector level. The study was commissioned by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SECO and IDH (the sustainable trade initiative). The assignment was focused on finding the tools for sustainable systemic change in agro commodity farming. Insight in the building blocks needed for a sustainable sector is a big step in the right direction.

With the launch of the website phase two of a longer partnership with the IFC, Aidenvironment and the IIED was completed. In phase one NewForesight, Aidenvironment and IIED undertook a study that reviewed the current state of sustainability in agriculture focused on voluntary standards systems (VSS). The outcomes demonstrated that the VSS are part of the solution, but do not provide the whole answer. With the Sustainable Sector Transformation Model a more holistic approach is laid out that can ignite the necessary transition to sustainable international agriculture.

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