Webinar - The role of data-driven approaches in the cocoa sector

This webinar has been held on the 25th of June 2018, below you can play the recording. 

The cocoa sector will not be able to know whether its efforts are sufficient until we understand the size of the problems and measure and improve our approaches. There is a positive trend in research being used more consistently, and in some cases being made publicly available. Much of the available information has been collected by NGOs and development organizations, while also many major companies collect comprehensive sets of data. But how can we combine data and insights to measure progress? And in what ways can we make sure data is used in an effective way? In this 90 minutes webinar, we sort the hype from the hope on data in cocoa.

Speakers in this webinar:

  • Friedel Huetz-Adams, Senior Researcher at SUEDWIND-institute, Co-author of the Cocoa Barometer
    Where are we now: the current state of data-driven approaches in the cocoa sector
  • Antonie Fountain, Managing Director at VOICE Network, Co-author of the Cocoa Barometer
    The Cocoa Barometer: Holding the sector accountable through data and insights and how we can move towards collective progress measurement within the sector 
  • Anna Lave, Senior Advisor at The Royal Tropical Institute
    Using data to demystify the cocoa sector: how one of the most comprehensive household surveys in the cocoa sector in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire provided interesting insights into cocoa realities
  • William Saab, Senior Consultant at NewForesight
    Towards a market-driven and evidence-based approach to sustainability: how the industry can approach farmers as entrepreneurs

 Download the presentation here, or watch the recording: