Webinar - Sustainability at scale: Landscape approaches and 'beyond certification'

This webinar has been held on the 20th of June 2018, below you can play the recording. 

Sustainable production and long-term positive impact on structural issues such as deforestation and HCV protection can be meaningfully achieved when approaches move beyond the level of individual producers and projects, and take on a more integrated and scalable scope. To this end, “Landscape approaches” have gained prominence, and we are seeing the first initiatives where partnership and collaboration are starting to facilitate the move towards sustainable agricultural production at a landscape scale.

This webinar aims to discuss what it is exactly that we expect landscape approaches to do, which problem we envision that they solve, what is required to realize them, what the envisioned role of the different stakeholders is, and how we incentivize action. We will do this by discussing first how the different organizations view landscape approaches, identify best practices from current efforts, and discuss how to translate theory to practice.

Speakers in this webinar:

  • Peter D’Angremond, CEO and President of Fairtrade Netherlands
    The value of certification in sustainability and what more is needed to create systemic change
  • Daan Wensing, Program Director Global Landscapes at IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative
    Building partnerships towards the realization of sustainable sourcing regions
  • Guus ter Haar, Consultant at NewForesight
    Experiences in designing landscape approaches in palm oil, coffee, and fisheries

Download the presentation here, or watch the recording: