16 June 2017

We are proud to announce that two of our NewForesight consultants Bart Vollaard and Guus ter Haar have been recognized in the top 100 list of sustainable leaders in the Netherlands (Duurzame Jonge 100 2017). This achievement reflects the long-standing commitment of both to a more sustainable world and their tireless commitment to two groundbreaking sustainability projects: Bart for his work as program director at the Organic Cotton Accelerator and Guus for initiating the Green Protein Alliance (GPA) which was established last year.

Bart on his work for OCA: “The challenges the organic cotton sector is facing can’t be solved by one company alone. That is why OCA unites brands like H&M, C&A and Inditex to work together towards a prosperous sector with more impact. As program director, I fulfill a steering role. I have been responsible for setting up OCA’s intervention programs, such as organic cotton sourcing pilots within the supply chains of OCA partner brands in India. I am now coordinating the implementation of the sourcing pilots and other interventions, with plans to scale OCA’s impact in future beyond India to other countries”.

Guus on his work at NewForesight:  “As a consultant at NewForesight, I carry the title Positive Impact Provocateur as a joke, but this is actually something that is of great importance to me. For every project I work in at NewForesight, I am dedicated to bringing about a positive, structural impact for a more sustainable world. If we are doing something, we should do it right”. The Green Protein Growth Plan is an example of Guus putting this into practice: the practical action plan set up in 2017 and supported by industry, academia and government, has ushered in the Netherlands’ far-reaching commitment to a more plant-based food system by 2025.

At NewForesight, creating lasting impact is an important company value, but it is the people behind the company that drive the change. To gain recognition for their hard work makes what we do all the more worthwhile.