June 1, 2016

NewForesight congratulates the TIAS MBA students Andrea Vanella, Anil Yildirim, Conrado Foglio Bonda , Guoming Shi, Yen Do, Phoebe Lin, and Anshul Gupta; they worked hard to become the winning team  of the TIAS MBA Sustainability Challenge.

“It was very inspiring to see the pitches of the TIAS students”, noted NewForesight senior advisor Wouter-Jan Schouten, “six strong ideas for market transformation, addressing some of the most important challenges for Businesses and Society in the 21st century.”

This year, NewForesight and TIAS School for Business and Society partnered to develop a program covering current-day sustainability challenges, and challenging the students to develop creative and innovative solutions, harnessing the power of market dynamics. The MBA class of 2016 was divided into 6 groups which took on various topics including: modern fertilizer residues, sustainability in the Robusta coffee sector, re-usable water bottles, and as the winning project, recycling electronics and developing more sustainable electronics hardware. The six groups presented their presentations last week on 26 May and inspired with their innovative solutions for complex sustainability issues.

TIAS program manager Mirjam Minderman was happy with a successful program, concluding that “the MBA students provided an inspiring afternoon, with creative presentations both in terms of contents as well as style. They showed the ability to address complex issues from a systemic perspective, an indispensable skill for today’s managers in both Business and Society.”

The team at NewForesight is looking forward to see more from these potential leaders in sustainability in the future.