Three changemakers are CEO for a day at NewForesight

Three high-potential changemakers in the agri-food sector visited our office today to share some thoughts with our CEO and Founder, Lucas Simons. A great learning experience!

For starters, these changemakers are not new to the world of sustainability. Daniela Rojas (Sustainable Business Advisor at Nature’s Pride), Pieter van Hout (Project Lead Innovation at ZLTO) and Susan Drion (Intern strategic projects at Triodos) know each other of the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) and are listed in the Food100.  This list counts 100 influential changemakers in food sustainability both below as above the age of 30. Today, this new generation got to chance to learn the ropes in becoming future CEO’s in the field of sustainability.

But what does this next generation want to learn about working in sustainability? The answer surprised us. Instead of tagging along to the meetings we have with clients here at NewForesight, the group decided they wanted a four hour long meeting with Lucas to discuss setting up your own business and how to incorporate personal development.

Pieter: “I am specifically interested in food systems and how to transform them towards better outcomes. This starts from the more abstract, but leads to more concrete steps to take. This is interesting to me. Most beneficial for me is to learn how I can set up my own business that contributes to a more sustainable food system.”

Susan: “I agree with Pieter. I find systems thinking very interesting, this is something we apply within the Slow Food Youth Network as well. For systems thinking, of course,  Lucas is the one to go to. I’m very happy to have had the chance to talk more thoroughly about his vision on sustainable food systems.”

Lucas, as our ‘Chief Inspiration’, did not disappoint: “It was a very open conversation and he gave many insights on how to set your path as a changemaker”, Daniela mentioned. We as NewForesight believe we will hear more from these three young, entrepreneurial people and look forward to meeting them as the CEO’s of frontrunning organizations in the future.

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