“By the time you’ve clicked here,” the campaign banner reads, “industrial farming has destroyed 29,651 square meters of fertile soil.” And the number grows by the second.

A campaign initiative by the Dutch sustainable food company Nature & More, Save our Soils, raises consumer awareness about soil degradation worldwide due to agriculture. The new campaign “I Like Organic” aims to actively help farmers worldwide protect soils.

The campaign has raised € 200,000 with which it says it will use to farmers improve their soil quality. In order to make this money available for its projects, the campaign needs Facebook likes! For every ‘like’, Save our Soil will release € 5 to potentially improve 500 square meters of soil.

NewForesight works on various projects that help protect soils. Among others is the work we do for the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA). A vital aspect of organic cotton is that it enhances soil fertility.