NewForesight's New Years offer: A free strategy workshop dedicated to your sustainability challenge

Are you ready to make 2019 a game changing year?  

Want to kick-off the year effectively and turn your sustainability challenges into shared opportunities? 

Whether you are a professional working at a company, standard organization, NGO or government, together we can drive systemic change. We at NewForesight are incredibly excited to jump start 2019 with you! As we love a good challenge, we are challenging you to send us your sustainability challenge below and our consultants will prepare and organize a  free strategy workshop completely tailored to your sustainability challenge (also possible over a conference call)! 

Take a look at the four NewForesight domains to know what we can offer you beyond our current collaboration. From the challenges that are entered, we will select one organization that will receive the free strategy session in  the first quarter of 2019. You can enter your challenge below until January 31.

If you have already worked with us before or if you are working with us at the moment you can still register for this session. 

Do you have any questions about this offer? Send us an email: Communications@NewForesight.com

Looking forward to seeing your sustainability challenge!

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