NewForesight Insight: Driving the transition towards sustainability

Are you struggling to find effective ways to tackle complex sustainability challenges?

At NewForesight we use our frameworks and models to analyze pathways for change. This NewForesight insight introduces a powerful system thinking tool: the Sustainable Transformation Curve (‘S-Curve’) and the associated Market Transformation Matrix.

This cornerstone ‘phases thinking’ framework helps change makers understand how an agricultural sector’s progress towards sustainability is not linear, but instead a dynamic process consisting of four phases of ‘maturity’: (i) Inception; (ii) First movers; (iii) Critical mass; and (iv) Institutionalization. These models equip you with the required frame of mind to think in terms of systemic change, to recognize what phase specific sectors are in, and to devise strategies that recognize and leverage the dynamics of a sector to catalyze the transition towards the next phase.

This NewForesight Insight is complemented by an illustrated overview of the theory that is the ideal tool to accompany discussions and brainstorms on driving sustainable change. Easily read the article below, or download it here.