NewForesight recently completed an assignment for Bonsucro. A comprehensive document known as the Membership Governance Framework Rules and Regulations allows for the improvement of transparency and accountability of Bonsucro to its members and customers. It also communicates clearly member rights and obligations. The framework consolidated Bonsucro’s rules, regulations, policies and protocol, thus encapsulating all of the organization’s internal documents.

Bonsucro previously contracted NewForesight to develop their credit rating system, as well as a traceability strategy for their sugarcane products. The organization, previously known as Better Sugarcane Initiative (BSI), is an international non-profit multi-stakeholder organization. Established in 2007, it is the first global standard for sugarcane. Bonsucro has witnessed a rapid growth, now including over 200 members from 27 countries, representing all actors in the sugarcane supply chain.

For this assignment, NewForesight delivered the Governance Framework document, along with recommendations on the principles of Bonsucro’s governance strategy. This was presented to and approved by the Board of Directors in time to welcome the new CEO, Simon Usher, to office.

This week, Bonsucro and its members can be found in Manila, the Philippines, where the Bonsucro Week 2014 is being held. The conference consist of workshops, seminars and social events, as well as the Annual General Assembly, where members will discuss and approve amendments to the Articles of Association.