Lucas Simons presented accomplishments of NewForesight and its sister organization SCOPEinsight at the five-year anniversary of De Groene Zaak (The Green Case or The Green Business). De Groene Zaak is a Dutch association of businesses that convenes entrepreneurs with the aim to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable economy. This is done by addressing issues that form obstacles to a sustainable economy, creating innovative business models and connecting science to business.

The theme of the meeting was From -, to 0, to positive impact. Lucas discussed SCOPEinsight achievements in creating access to finance and markets for small and medium producer organizations in emerging economies. The NewForesight CEO also addressed the dynamics behind our current unsustainable system and what businesses can do to change this. He illustrated this using the case of CocoaAction, one of NewForesight’s assignments in the cocoa sector.

CocoaAction is a strategy that was designed under the auspices of the World Cocoa Foundation. The mission was to align the sustainability efforts of multiple stakeholders in the cocoa business and revive a struggling sector. The cocoa sector faces significant challenges such as aging trees and farmers, depleted soils, lack of farm inputs and good agricultural practices. In coordinating and aligning the sustainability efforts of eleven of the largest cocoa and chocolate companies, industry can increase their impact towards building an economically viable and sustainable sector. NewForesight helped technically facilitate the process.

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