Meet the Expert: Yoshita Arora about moving to the Netherlands to join NewForesight

We are excited to introduce to you: Yoshita Arora. She joined our team recently and we were curious to find out more about her, her background and how she feels about moving to the Netherlands for NewForesight.

Yoshita has close to 8 years of work experience across research and consulting organizations, specifically in India and Kenya. She joined NewForesight as a Consultant after working as a manager at Intellecap – an organization that focuses on sustainable development and under-served markets. Her extensive experience in health and hygiene, livelihoods and circular economy in the apparel sector, among others, has provided her with a holistic perspective to leverage design-thinking based approaches to solve complex sustainability challenges.

Yoshita has helped organizations identify opportunities to adopt circular solutions, outline market landscapes, identify need gaps, develop go-to-market strategies, forge partnerships and develop assessment frameworks across India and Kenya. Alongside, she has had an opportunity to work closely with some of the leading industry stakeholders including foundations, corporates, multilateral organizations, social enterprises, NGOs and the communities.

What is your outlook on sustainability?

I truly believe sustainability can’t be an additional activity that organizations engage in anymore, it needs to be part of every organization’s DNA and has to be woven into their own business and organizational plans and strategy. I think NewForesight will give me the platform to do exactly that! I look forward to engage with organizations, making their vision and operations more sustainable across agriculture, food and related sectors.

You previously worked as a consultant from India. What made you decide to join a consultancy in The Netherlands?

I liked the idea of working from a new geography. I think globally there are many different perspectives on what is required to tackle global sustainability challenges. As I have always worked from India, I wanted to broaden my horizons. NewForesight allows me to work from a developed market and I can learn more about the perspectives here. In this way, I believe I can connect these worlds. Before I started, I was intrigued especially by NewForesight because it is a thought leader on stakeholder management. I believe that next to designing solutions, aligning and co-creating with stakeholders is crucial for change to actually happen. NewForesight understands the business case for each and every stakeholder very well.

What do you see as your unique skill that you bring to NewForesight?

I believe that I will be able to leverage my design thinking based skills and understanding of the developing markets to solve some of the complex sustainability issues. Where I can work on projects that allow you to actually move the needle.

What do you like most outside of work?

I love travelling and theatre, I used to be a theatre artist back in college, now I enjoy watching it. Furthermore, my love for travelling and different cultures encouraged me to move to The Netherlands from my previous position at Intellecap in India.

And what has it been like to move to The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is beautiful and people here have been really warm and welcoming! I wanted to work in a different country because I wanted to get the exposure of working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, as I believed that it would give me an opportunity to learn how different people approach the sustainability related challenges across the globe. And I am super glad that Newforesight provides me with the exact experience that I was looking for.

Want to know more about Yoshita and the work she is doing for NewForesight? You can find her bio here.

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