December 9th, 2015

Identifying trends in international development in terms of increasing stakeholder inclusion, and recognizing the momentum that this movement is gathering, Belgian NGO Vredeseilanden decided it is time to change its structure and strategy, transitioning to become a network organization. Instead of a headquarters in Belgium and regional offices in developing countries, all offices will become equal partners in reaching the same overarching goal. The Belgian NGO has chosen for this transition in order to stay true to its core values, namely equality and participation of everyone, and its belief in the added value of dialogue and co-creation for structural impact.

In the international development sector, knowledge and expertise from the “global south” is more and more acknowledged as essential for structural impact. Glocal (global + local) inclusive partnerships are becoming the norm for setting the development agenda. New roles are defined for private and public sector and civil society, in developing as well as developed countries. There is a strong need for more flexible strategies and resilient implementation since reality on the ground continuously changes. On Monday 7 December, NewForesight consultant Sharon Hesp presented insights and recommendations designed to support Vredeseilanden in adapting to this new way of thinking and managing the transition to a network organization.

The insights and recommendations where based on the Strategic Learning Assessments that NewForesight has conducted for Vredeseilanden over the past few months, evaluating the country programs of their offices in Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru and Indonesia. The objective was to develop strategy recommendations to further enhance the impact of the programs and offices.

The upcoming transition to a network organization offers many opportunities for organizational improvement and increased (local) impact. How this transition will be organized and what the new roles and responsibilities will be, shall determine the future role of the organization and its impact on the livelihood of the smallholder farmer.

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Photo courtesy of Jimmy Kets.