CocoaAction is the strategy of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) that coordinates and aligns the cocoa sustainability efforts of ten of the world’s leading cocoa and chocolate companies, increasing their impact towards building a rejuvenated and economically viable cocoa sector that provides opportunities for cocoa farmers and improves the quality of life for cocoa communities. Since the inception of CocoaAction, NewForesight has been actively involved in supporting WCF in developing and driving this strategy.

The main strength of CocoaAction is collaboration; it not only aligns the industry, but also origin governments and key stakeholders, on regional priority issues in cocoa sustainability. This is where the three drivers for successful collaboration come into play; 1) CocoaAction convenes the sector around a shared and aspirational vision and actionable goals; 2) CocoaAction clarifies complementary roles and responsibilities and develops structures for effective cooperation and governance; 3) CocoaAction is being shaped into a sector-wide, inclusive, and thus credible strategy, which means the industry can publicly show its commitment to cocoa sustainability in collaboration with main stakeholders. Ultimately, this creates a strong incentive for the entire sector to adhere to the new rules that have been laid out.

CocoaAction effectively leverages scale and efficiency through collaboration, and catalyzes efforts to accelerate sustainability of the cocoa sector. Importantly, it delineates non-competitive elements (such as alignment on shared KPIs and a common Results Framework) from competitive ones (such as the details of implementation), the latter of which is left to the companies. Through its innovative approach, never before seen in the cocoa sector, CocoaAction is being recognized as the way forward for cocoa sustainability initiatives.

If you would like to know more about NewForesight’s work for the World Cocoa Foundation and CocoaAction, please visit our page on this project.

For more information on CocoaAction, please visit WCF’s CocoaAction website.

Image courtesy of the World Cocoa Foundation.