The fifth edition of Springtij was held the last weekend of September 2014. The forum that focuses on sustainability took place in a special setting, on the island of Terschelling in the north of The Netherlands. Amidst the dunes and surrounded by the sea 350 influential decision-makers and key players from the industry, leading scientists, NGOs, governments, consumers and citizens came together.

Inspiring meetings took place in an old wharf shed, a church, theatre, on a ship, and at a maritime academy. When the weather permitted, presentations were held on the mudflats, on the beach, at the dunes or in the forest. The speakers shared their insights and current initiatives from the fields of agriculture, natural resources and the economy.

The lecture given by NewForesight CEO Lucas Simons was held in an old warehouse. He presented the sustainable market transformation curve (s-curve), which depicts the transition of markets towards sustainability. This occurs through four phases, through which the system progresses by adopting different sustainability practices. Throughout the presentation, Lucas focused on the transformation of systems and the methods by which to tackle complex problems within systems. His message: Sustainable transformations of unsustainable systems are possible.

His presentation gave the public a hopeful outlook for current global challenges concerning sustainability. He received a spontaneous hug from an individual out of the audience who was particularly inspired by the lecture. After the event, the organizers reported that the audience considered Lucas’ lecture a highlight of the weekend.