Beyond agriculture: sequel to 'Changing the Food Game' takes wide scope

Did you know that it has already been three years since​ NewForesight CEO Lucas Simons’ book​  ‘Changing the Food Game’ was published? The book that offers a game-changing solution to transform markets towards sustainability has been read by thousands, has been highly recommended by various industry leaders, and was even incorporated into the curricula of university business programs. André Nijhoff, Professor of Sustainable Business & Stewardship and coordinator of the MBA programs at Nyenrode Business University, regularly invites Lucas as a guest lecturer to discuss ‘Changing the Food Game’ with his students.

The lectures Lucas organizes within Nyenrode are accelerating the debate on systemic transformation towards sustainability. Finding the tipping points for sustainable change becomes a discussion with top managers from many different sectors beyond agriculture. According to André Nijhoff, “Both students and managers are always inspired by the vision of Lucas on sustainable market transformation, because he is able to make complex issues comprehensible. After his classes, they often use his models in their assignments and last year alone, seven participants wrote their thesis about market transformation and transition.”

At three different programs of Nyenrode, Lucas gives multiple lectures each year, and during these sessions it became inevitably clear: the market transformation strategies of ‘Changing the Food Game’ create significant value when they are applied to the sustainability issues of non-agricultural sectors as well. André commented:

“We discovered that Lucas’ models are also interesting and applicable for managers who are working in, for example, the financial or public sector. This is because Lucas’ approach goes beyond the scope of one company or organization alone. Lucas doesn’t start with the sustainable issues within an organization, but motivates others to think about how to change the system by telling a unique personal story that motivates everyone in the audience. This helicopter view gives organizations many insights into the problems they need to solve, and how they can work in collaboration with others. These insights show the same patterns for different sectors and organizations and are widely recognizable beyond food and agriculture.”

Speaking on sustainable transformation with many experts in a wide range of sectors at Nyenrode and beyond has inspired the development of a sequel to ‘Changing the Food Game’. This next edition will include cases on sectors beyond agriculture and André will support the set-up of the new edition together with NBU graduate students. Sectors included are, for instance, the financial, energy and seafood sectors. André says he is “looking forward to the outcomes of the different cases and the patterns and phases of change they will show.”

The book will mark a new phase in the debate on market transformation, leveraging a wealth of information that supports sustainable change. At NewForesight, we will keep you updated upon its arrival, but you can also keep an eye on the website of Changing the Food Game:  http://www.changingthefoodgame.com/.