August 18, 2015

In a recent assignment, NewForesight consultant Bart Vollaard designed a review process, database and fund pipeline for Commonland, an Amsterdam-based foundation working on landscape restoration. The work and tools delivered will optimize Commonland’s process of identifying and assessing ventures engaged in landscape restoration activities, allowing the organization to make smart investment decisions based on sound impact criteria.

Founded by IUCN, Rotterdam School of Management and COmON Foundation, Commonland designs economically viable landscape restoration projects, while the Commonland fund invests in ventures engaged in such activities. Projects must have sustainable business cases that deliver on four returns: return of inspiration, natural capital, social capital and financial capital.

As the social, environmental and economic impacts of landscape degradation, global biodiversity loss and natural resource depletion become more apparent, the need for landscape level restoration is becoming increasingly pressing. NewForesight helps organizations such as Commonland and companies involved in sustainability interventions at a landscape level with strategizing, research and tools for implementation.

“In our work on sustainable market transformation – where we have been involved in ‘vertical’ supply chain solutions for years – we see a growing need to complement the international supply chain work with a local ‘horizontal’ landscape approach” says Bart Vollaard. “Commonland understands that healthy landscapes are a prerequisite to ensure a sustainable resource supply in the long-run and therefore actively works on enabling landscape restoration at great scale. I enjoyed working with their dedicated team in realizing their inspiring mission. My expectation is that we as NewForesight will be increasingly involved in similar work related to sustainable landscapes as many stakeholders realize the need to act upon it” he adds.

NewForesight is currently working with Commonland on further strategic projects.

To find out more about our work in sustainable landscapes and landscape level interventions, contact Bart Vollaard.

Watch the two minute video about Commonland