August 15, 2016

DuurzaamDoor, part of the semi-government agency Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), acts as a ‘free-agent’, initiating sustainability initiatives aligned with but outside of the conventional scope of the activities of the government. DuurzaamDoor has initiated a number of projects to accelerate the protein transition—a term to describe the transition towards consumption of more vegetable- and less animal-based protein, on the basis of sustainability and public health. Although the topic has progressed in the last years, DuurzaamDoor concluded that they required a new approach to achieve the momentum required for transforming the sector, for which they approached NewForesight.

A main conclusion of the expert-meeting on the protein transition hosted by DuurzaamDoor at the end of 2015 was that key stakeholders, consumer-facing companies, had not been involved in the process. Therefore NewForesight, with a team consisting of consultant Guus ter Haar and CEO Lucas Simons, collaborated with Jeroen Willemsen of FoodForImpact to design an approach for accelerating the protein transition which revolved around leveraging market forces and competition; an approach validated with and welcomed by experts and sector stakeholders. We set a common medium-long-term goal and developed a proposition for frontrunners to join an envisioned coalition. During the entire process, DuurzaamDoor acted as a sparring partner, sharing our dedication to the topic and passion to tackle complex sustainability issues.

The approach and proposition resulted in a group of frontrunner companies and stakeholders looking to collaborate and develop a shared Roadmap for accelerating the protein transition. To capture this generated momentum, we designed the process for the formation of this alliance of frontrunners and, together with the client, developed the concept for a stakeholder event to present the new alliance to interested stakeholders and press.

The event took place on the 7th of July 2016, just three months after the initial outreach to potential partners. The Green Protein Alliance, consisting of 14 market players and supported by the Dutch Centre for Nutrition, Milieu Centraal and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, officially committed to developing the Roadmap that will drive the protein transition towards the Alliance’s goal: to reach a more healthy and sustainable distribution in the consumption of vegetable and animal protein, namely 50/50 in 2025.

The next phase of the Alliance, which revolves around strategy development and is coordinated by NewForesight with support from Jeroen Willemsen, will take place from August 2016 to January 2017. At the end of this phase, the Alliance will present the results of the strategy development, in the form of a Roadmap