Niki van der Steenstraten

About Niki

At NewForesight, Niki works on cost of sustainable production analyses and sustainability verification schemes for different agricultural products. Driven by her passion for creating a more sustainable future, she is deeply committed to helping our clients navigate the path through successful sustainability transitions.





• Niki is dedicated to tackling environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices across countries and industries, thereby making a positive impact on the world.

• Prior to joining our team, she gained valuable experience in contract research in drug discovery. Her role involved data analysis, project management for a diverse range of clients, and the development of Excel-based financial and resourcing tools. 

• In her previous role, Niki started and co-led a cross-site sustainability team that used a data-driven approach to reduce the facilities’ carbon footprint and waste streams, for example by implementing reusable products, waste recycling, cold storage optimization and implementing electricity from renewable sources.

• She holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Leiden University, providing her with a solid foundation in scientific research and analysis.

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