Shweta Mazire


Shweta Mazire grew up on the Indian countryside, which highly sensitized her to various developmental issues on the ground. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, she started exploring opportunities that could help her actively engage in the sustainable development sector. This pursuit brought her to the Delft University of Technology, where she studied Complex Systems Engineering and Management.

Her master’s program focused on tackling various socio-technical issues using systems thinking approach. After her studies,¬†Shweta worked as an independent consultant at Blackbear, where she focused on sustainability-related assignments. Prior to that, she worked in the software and IT industry.

Shweta joins NewForesight as Analyst for the Impact Analytics domain. She is looking forward to utilize her knowledge as a complex systems engineer and her experience as a software engineer to design innovative and inclusive solutions that make business sense.

Outside work, Shweta enjoys jogging, reading (poetry is her favorite), playing badminton, and watching movies.