Meet our Young Agent of Change: Andrea Viviers

 Why did you choose to join NewForesight?
I wanted to be part of an organization that promotes and drives change. I have always been opposed to people saying: we do it like this, because it has always been like this. The Junior Analyst program was perfect for me because it provides a bridge from an academic environment to the working world of sustainability consulting.

And? Does it live up to your expectations?
And more! Every day I learn something about myself or about this field. You really work with experts, both in the field of strategy as sustainability. Because it is a small company you really see them in action and you get invited to the core discussions.

How did you get received by the team?
These guys really make you feel at home: you are included from day one and you are really part of the team. Within NewForesight it is also really stimulated to focus on what you want to take out of it. You are continuously encouraged to ask questions, feedback and not to be afraid to make mistakes. And important to mention: we have fun whilst doing it!

But there must be challenges?
Well, you have 6 months to make impact, grow and find your voice. You want to apply everything you are learning at the same time and that is quite intense.

Ok, I have a dilemma for you: working on sustainability or working with this team?
Don’t do this to me! I would never be able to choose. The content we work with is really impactful, but you need passionate people to drive it, and that’s what makes NewForesight and my experience here so positive.  So for me it would definitely be a balance between team and content.

 As a ‘Change Agent’; why do you want to make a difference?
I come from South Africa where there is a lot of inequality, especially in the distribution of resources. This contributes to my need to learn about sustainable development: I hope to find my place in this field and in the long run, apply my learnings in the country I am so passionate about.

What can you advice new YAoC?
It is a valuable opportunity to explore and to really show curiosity about everything and at NewForesight this is 100% stimulated as well. If you really enjoy doing something different every day, this is your place!

Do you think you have what it takes to help us tackle our society’s biggest challenges? Then come and prove it to us, at our Young Agents of Change day on 6 April, 2017. Read more and apply before the 27th of March here.