Meet our new Senior Consultant Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta


In November, Ankit joined the NewForesight team as Senior Consultant. We interviewed him to get to know him a bit better.


What made you apply at NewForesight?

I was inspired by how NewForesight ‘walks the talk’ and sets an example as a sustainable company. I read about them as a B-Corp certified company, which offset the carbon footprint of all commuting and business trips by investing in the carbon credits, off-set any emissions from the servers they use, use certified and recycled paper for printing, and much more. A friend of mine spoke about its culture, values, ethos, inspiring projects, and it motivated me to apply and learn from the sustainability leaders and professionals in the space. I second the organization’s belief and practice in solving systemic challenges by understanding and recognizing the phases of market transformation. I’m looking forward to growing my consulting career further at NewForesight.

How has the journey from India to Netherlands been so far?

I must admit it has already been a roller coaster ride, but overall it’s an enriching experience. Utrecht is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. People here are friendly and always welcome you with a smile. It takes less time to reach certain location by a bicycle than a car as the roads are designed for it. The culture of coffee chat or weetings (walking meetings) allow you to explore much more. At office, the international team offer a different perspective to each challenge. I just love the vibe and think I will not be able to move out from here soon.

If you could give an internal training or lecture for your colleagues, (work related or not) what would it be?

I have worked in energy and climate change sector for the last 6 years. May be energy transitions, climate finance, and climate risk mainstreaming, are some of the topics where I can add value. Outcome based finance is another topic where I can contribute and support colleagues with practical insights.

What is something that you can’t wait to work on at NewForesight?

Sustainability strategies for corporates is something which I am looking forward to work on at NewForesight. I have worked a lot with the Development Finance Institutions, Foundations, and Government in the past. We all know that to meet ambitious  targets and tackle issues such as social inequality, poverty, etc. collaboration across and within actors in the system is key. I look forward to working on such projects using my experience and leveraging NewForesight’s expertise.