Meet our new Principal and Energy market lead: Nora

Nora Pitz

Nora joined us earlier this month, so it’s time to introduce her on our website as well!

What sparked your interest to work at NewForesight?

A while ago I read the book “Changing the game” by Lucas Simons and André Nijhof. As a member of KEK (Klimaat en EnergieKoepel) – a network of about 800 professionals – I organized a webinar where we discussed the theory of market transformation with Lucas. After that webinar Lucas and I kept brainstorming about (un)sustainable markets and how the (heavy) industry would be a market that needs to be transformed. As Lucas explained that he has his own company, I learnt about NewForesight. After several more sessions and meetings with Lucas and his colleagues – now my colleagues, too – we concluded that Nora and NFC were a match. Therefore, I joined NFC in March 2022.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I have an academic background in physics (studied nuclear and astrophysics, did a Phd in particle physics). However, at some stage I wanted to leave research and join the business world. I started to work as an advisor in health, safety, and the environment for several companies in the energy sector. I wanted to play a prominent role in protecting the planet by changing the world “from within”. Meaning, I wanted to change the impact those companies have on the environment. After several years of being an advisor and manager within the business, I joined a big consultancy company where I was tackling complex environmental issues that play a role within the industry and its environment in the search for sustainable and responsible solutions for the customers. Contributing significantly to acquisition interviews, the implementation of projects and the development of new services. At home in a constantly changing market, in which a good balance between industry and environment is sought. Embracing the NFC philosophy that the world is increasingly confronted with tough sustainability challenges, where the question is not if you should tackle these issues but how, I am very happy to now have joined NCF as a principal consultant for the energy market. I am really looking forward to deploying our common journey as we go.

What do people don’t know about you?

Being a little nomad on this big world, I have moved many times. Going from home to studying to researching to working .. passing countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, and of course The Netherlands. I didn’t keep track of how many times I moved; my aunt did, though. She told me that my move from Haarlem to Breukelen must have been the 15th. Must believe her!

Email: nora.pitz@newforesight.com

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/norapitz/

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