Meet our new Junior Analyst: Pauline

Pauline joined us this month as a Junior Analyst for the Sustainable Market transformation domain. We welcomed her with open arms and want to introduce our new colleague by conducting a mini-interview!

Pauline Smout – Junior Analyst

Firstly; How did you find out about NewForesight and what made you want to apply?

Pauline: I first found out about NewForesight when I was on a committee to organize the Sustainability Forum at Erasmus University. We wanted to get Lucas Simons, our CEO, as our keynote speaker for the event. Around the same time I also had a cup of coffee with one of the consultants, who is now my colleague, to talk about the work he does at NewForesight. After that I knew I wanted to apply once I graduated. What stuck with me about that conversation is that NewForesight addresses sustainability challenges in an ambitious and systemic manner and that I got an impression of the open company culture.

Which studies did you do, before joining NewForesight?

Pauline: I completed a bachelor’s degree in International Communication and Media, and a master’s degree in Global Business and Sustainability, both at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I graduated from my master’s this summer.

Which Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) do you wish to contribute the most to at NewForesight in the coming 6 months and why?

Pauline: If I have to choose one SDG which I hope to contribute to the most, I would say SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals. I strongly believe that in order to solve the sustainability challenges we are facing, we have to collaborate. Therefore I look forward to working on projects in which we contribute to getting the different parties in a sector on board and to bringing them together.

Did you create any new hobbies during the pandemic?

Pauline: Yes! I have always admired the Italian language, so I decided to spend some of the extra time I had during the lockdowns and self-isolation to study it.

What is the Junior Analyst Program? The intense and dynamic Junior Analyst 6 month program is designed for you to get inspired, learn and develop your skills within strategy consultancy. You work on at least two client-facing projects, are assigned an experienced consultant as your mentor and you receive several in-depth trainings to accelerate your professional skills.  

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