Meet our new Junior Analyst: Dylan

Two weeks ago, Dylan joined our team. Time for a quick introduction of our new colleaugue, so here come the questions!

Dylan Jongbloed – Junior Analyst

Of course we are curious to know; what made you apply for NewForesight?

Definitely the fact that NewForesight tackles sustainability issues from a systemic perspective, with a special focus on agriculture. Through previous work experience I’ve been exposed to challenges concerning sustainable business & development in Low-Income Countries, and have always felt motivated to tackle challenges of this nature. Now I can do that together with NewForesight. In the final stages of my master degree, Lucas Simons gave a guest lecture on Sustainable Market Transformation, which made a lasting impression and convinced me that the work of NewForesight fits very well with my interests. During my job application I noticed the strong company focus on personal growth and the internationally-diverse team – those two aspects were also convincing for me to join the team!

What is something that you can’t wait to work on?

I’m looking forward to working on the topics of Fair Pricing and Living Income. I think it’s an important topic that provides businesses with tangible research outcomes that have real potential to improve the livelihoods of agricultural producers. While working on these projects, I look forward to growing in my ability to substantiate qualitative research with more quantitative insights. Due to its focus on personal development and professional growth, NewForesight allows me to focus on the areas that fit with my learning goals and thus gives me the chance to improve my skill set in the direction that I think is most valuable.

Are there books that you can recommend?

I’ve been meaning to read “Prisoners of Geography” by Tim Marshall for a long time. It’s a book that explains the unfolding of history, politics and economic imbalances from a geographical perspective. Knowing how the physical geography of a country, say a vast desert or mountain range isolating a country from its neighbours, has historically forced countries to adopt different modes of diplomacy, trade and development – it’s fascinating to me. This reminds me to pick up that book again – thanks!

Did you gain any new hobbies during the pandemic?

I picked up wave surfing in the Netherlands! I had done it multiple times throughout the years, but usually only for a few days whilst on holiday. I had never expected the Dutch coast to offer enough opportunity to pick up surfing on a regular basis, but the pandemic proved to be the perfect moment to get out of Utrecht and experience the (cold) North Sea from a surfboard. Even on days when the sea only offers smaller waves, I still thoroughly enjoy being exposed to the elements with good friends whilst waiting for the next set of waves!

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