Meet our new Junior Analyst: Anke

Anke joined us as a Junior Analyst for the Agriculture & Food domain and we thought it was time that you got to know a bit more about her!

Anke Keulen – Junior Analyst

Firstly: We understand you had NewForesight on your radar for a while. When did you decide to apply for the Junior Analyst position?

I found out about NewForesight in 2017 when I participated in a workshop on Sustainable Career Coaching during the Duurzame Week Utrecht. The workshop was hosted by NewForesight and included a presentation about NewForesight’s projects and market transformation approach. Both the projects and the approach really resonated with me, so I always kept NewForesight in mind as an organisation to work at after my graduation. Once I completed my Master last year, I applied for the position of Junior Analyst, and I started at NewForesight in July.

Which studies did you do, before joining the Junior Analyst program?

I have a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Roosevelt (Major Psychology and Sociology with a focus on international development) and a MSc. in Sustainable Business and Innovation from Utrecht University.

Which Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) do you wish to contribute the most to at NewForesight in the coming 6 months and why?

Oof, that is a difficult question! If I have to choose, I would go for SDG #10 (Reduced Inequalities), SDG #13 (Climate Action) and SDG #1 (No Poverty). While all SDGs are very important and interconnected, I believe that these particular ones are essential for realising almost all the other goals. Moreover, because progressing on the one of these goals (e.g. reducing poverty) will significantly help to achieve the other (e.g. climate action), I believe these goals should be addressed in conjunction, rather than in isolation.

Do you have a documentary or book you can recommend your colleagues to read?

Last year, I read the book Regenerative Leadership by Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm (2020). It provides an innovative and holistic framework for leading and designing organisations which are fit for the 21st century (i.e. those which are able to address the most pressing social, environmental and business challenges of this era). The book is both practical and inspiring, so I recommend reading it if you are interested in sustainability, organisational design, leadership and/or systems thinking- or if you are looking for a fresh perspective on business and leadership practises.

What is the Junior Analyst Program? The intense and dynamic Junior Analyst 6 month program is designed for you to get inspired, learn and develop your skills within strategy consultancy. You work on at least two client-facing projects, are assigned an experienced consultant as your mentor and you receive several in-depth trainings to accelerate your professional skills.  

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