Meet our new Analyst: Zoé

On the 1st of April our newest member of the team joined. Welcome Zoé

What made you apply for NewForesight?

NewForesight immediately caught my attention due to its vision, strategy (Market Transformation theory) and the projects the company has previously worked on. The progressive mindset and its dedication to solve tough sustainability challenges are coherent with my personal devotion to contribute to tackle global issues. NewForesight’s continuous application of systems thinking and admitting that only through actual systems change, on any level and in any sector, the needed transitions towards sustainability can be achieved made me want to apply even more. Working here allows me to combine my expertise and interest in the domain of sustainable development with my skills and competences in management and organizational structures.

NewForesight’s focus on sustainable- and positive impact goes beyond solving global challenges. Their focus on personal growth and development for their employees and team is yet another reason that made me apply.. Besides continuously learning from the (often highly differentiating) projects one works on, individual development is constantly being prioritized. The company offers each of its employees an internal Academy, consisting of different trainings and workshops to develop both hard and soft skills. Considering my eagerness to always develop and learn, applying for NewForesight seemed to enable me to do both: work and learn. To me, the facilitation of trainings and prioritization of self-development, immediately showed that the company complies with its own vision both internally and externally.  


Are there any books that you can recommend?

Obviously, there are loads of books that I would like to recommend! However, I would like to share my enthusiasm about the book “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World” written by David Epstein. The question Epstein sets out to explore is how to capture and cultivate the power of breadth, diverse experiences and interdisciplinary exploration, within systems that increasingly demand hyper-specialization, and would have you decide what you should be before first figuring out who you are. Being a generalist, or having range, allows one to be a successful adapter that is excellent at taking knowledge from one pursuit and applying it creatively to another, avoiding cognitive entrenchment. Therefore, being a generalist can work in one’s favor in navigating in an increasingly more VUCA-world filled with wicked problems. Reading about this view on generalists, as someone who categorizes as a generalist myself, was extremely reassuring and inspiring.  Although Epstein focuses on the advantages of being a generalist, by combining research and personal stories, he does not neglect that both generalists and specialists are needed in order to thrive as a society and solve tough challenges. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and also think it is highly applicable to working in an organization like NewForesight.


What is something you can’t wait to work on?

I can’t wait to work on projects that combine societal and environmental issues at once. As everything is interrelated, I believe it is extremely important to find solutions for both the physical environment as well as for societal issues. Themes such as Circularity and Food Systems/Agriculture are great examples to show the interconnectedness. I would love to start working on projects in those domains! And while working on projects, I am highly looking forward to doing so with my colleagues and other external actors. I cannot wait to build partnerships and work in inspiring cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary teams that will allow for innovation.