Meet our new Analyst: Deborah Touw

Deborah joined us about a month ago as an Analyst, so it’s time to introduce her on our website as well!

Deborah Touw

First question; what made you apply for NewForesight?

During my bachelor’s in International Food & Agribusiness, I read the book of “Changing the food game” by our CEO Lucas Simons. Since then, I was interested in being part of the change, and where else then at NewForesight itself? Also, knowing NewForesight focuses on system approaches instead of linear approaches and has prior experiences within (international) agribusiness, made me even more excited.

Are there books that you can recommend?

I just finished the book: “White Tears / Brown Scars: How white feminism betrays women of color” by Ruby Hamad. A heavy book, with triggering information. Not only an essential read for white feminists as myself, but for all readers. Ruby explains the topic through academic research and real lived experiences from different women around the world. Making it very accessible to read and easy to put yourself in the shoes of others (and their experiences). When you have empathy, you can then see the other sides of white feminism (e.g., how it is contributing to upholding the patriarchy and white supremacy).

What is something that you can’t wait to work on at NewForesight?

As everything is connected one way or the other, I cannot wait to work together with my colleagues, other companies, organisations and governments, to make these connections more visible and transparent. Especially when the topic is related to agriculture or societal issues (e.g., climate change or living income or diversity & inclusion, my interest is very broad). When acknowledging these (often weird) connections, we can work towards a more inclusive and circular society in general.

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