Meet our Marketing and Communications Manager

Madeleine van Hasselt

Madeleine joined us in January as Marketing and Communications Manager. We asked her about her first impressions and what she is looking forward to !

What made you apply at NewForesight?

After living abroad for over 10 years in developing countries, I was looking for an international work environment that would allow me to make real impact in the world. There are many sustainability consultancy firms to choose from, but I felt NewForesight is one of the few that has a unique approach to sustainability challenges. The theoretical framework of market transition that is developed by NewForesight’s CEO Lucas Simons and Andre Nijhof is truly one-of-a-kind.

I was also attracted to the entrepreneurial mindset and opportunities within NewForesight. The organization is growing rapidly and this gives room for development. I’m happy to be part of this journey!

Was everything like you expected, stepping into the office?

Due to another COVID lockdown I stepped into the virtual office, which I thought would give me a rough start. It was quite the opposite! The team is so professional, welcoming and easy to work with, that I felt very connected instantly. I am very impressed by the high quality of the consultancy work that is being delivered to clients. Also the variety of clients, ranging from platforms, NGO’s, government to corporates is very exciting!

Are there books that you can recommend?

I am a huge fan of authors and researchers Chip and Dan Heath. Their latest book ‘The power of moments’ explains why certain experiences make an inerasable impression on us and how you can cultivate these moments. Very important for collecting memories instead of things!

What is something that you can’t wait to work on at NewForesight?

Part of my work will be dedicated to the Changing the Game course, which is an intensive 5-day course that puts the sustainable market transformation strategy into practice. I’m very much looking forward to be sharing this theory and its practice with the world.

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