Meet our Circular Economy Accelerator Lead!


Diane has joined as our Circular Economy Accelerator Lead. We asked her about her first impressions and what she is looking forward to!


What made you join forces with NewForesight?

NewForesight has been on my radar for a long time already.  I was one of the launching clients of the Changing the Game course a few years ago. The theory of market transformation is very powerful in its simplicity and the course created a close-knit group of people, some of whom I still run into sometimes. During my PhD research of the circular economy, I noticed that there is a need for a common understanding of this new system that we are creating. The theory of market transformation gives that common understanding and NewForesight has an impressive track record in putting the theory in practice.  That’s why I think we are complementary to each other. We share the same drive to make a more sustainable world.

What is necessary to accelerate the circular economy?

In the circular economy, I see many great business initiatives that remain quite small-scale. What is needed to scale up these initiatives are investors that understand the principles of the circular economy. In the current context, new circular companies have a higher risk profile and therefore require higher returns. The additional environmental impact cannot be integrated into financial decision-making because there are no standards yet. NewForesight’s Circular Economy Accelerator team will add knowledge and experience to this field through education and co-creation of the tools needed to bridge the gap.

How do you describe your role: consultant, teacher, researcher?

I am a consultant, teacher and researcher, and in the ideal combination together they create synergy. In the past few years I have been working on my PhD and I am full of ideas on how to accelerate the circular economy. There is still so much to learn in my field, so I need the entrepreneurial freedom to explore the areas that are needed. As a lecturer, I mainly teach executive level and supervisory boards, which is the audience I know from my years of career experience and the level I want to reach to create the change. I believe that when professionals are complementary, as we are in NewForesight, we can make have a large impact together.

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

I can’t wait to develop and implement practical tools and trainings to accelerate the Circular Economy. Working on this in an entrepreneurial setting together with the experienced team of NewForesight really excites me. And I’m looking forward to start making circular scale up companies investment ready!