NewForesight is a strategic consultancy that tackles the sustainability challenges of our time.

The challenges of our time are global and complex. To name a few: the depletion of natural resources, climate change, persistent poverty and the problem of food security. The current economic system externalizes costs and acts upon short-term incentives that generates these unsustainable outcomes. Isolated initiatives of individual stakeholders are not enough to tackle these complex challenges.

For a sustainable world, systems need to change. Key stakeholders need to join forces and implement a strategy focused on altering the mechanisms that generate unsustainable outcomes. NewForesight contributes with system thinking, thought leadership and game changing tools.


We believe large-scale systemic change is possible, and it is our mission to ignite that change. This is not just an idea or a plan, we are already acting upon it. Years of experience have allowed us to develop a theory of change that identifies tipping points for sustainable market transformations. NewForesight works together with multinationals, governments, international institutions, and entrepreneurs towards new ways of doing business, including new partnerships and new strategies.

Our transformation models and collaborative approach have the capacity to change systems and enable sustainable outcomes. With thought leadership, by convening and guiding stakeholders and providing the tools for implementation we provide solutions to system failure and enable sustainability.

Our track record speaks for itself: