What we offer

All our clients face tough sustainability challenges. They come to NewForesight for structural solutions that will create a positive and lasting impact. The solutions we bring create shared opportunities: opportunities for businesses to generate profit, for supply chain actors to increase their income, and for governments to create ecological and social value in production landscapes.

We do not address the symptoms; we address the cause. Whether we are creating a company business model to provide services to farmers or a governance structure for a collaboration between companies and government, we focus on systemic solutions that create market incentives for sustainable behavior. By creating the ‘right’ market incentives, we can encourage sustainable behavior that results in opportunities for your company and your stakeholders.

Our solutions

To help our clients create shared opportunities among themselves and their stakeholders, we offer three tailored services:

  1. Strategize: your role and objectives in creating sustainable change.
  2. Model: a successful business case with sustainability at the core.
  3. Organize: for impact; at a global, regional and local level.

1. sustainability-strategies

Strategize your role and objectives in creating sustainable change

  • Do you see untapped opportunities for impact and value within your organization?
  • Is the lack of market incentives and value proposition preventing you from creating lasting change?
  • Do you have set sustainability objectives, but you have yet to turn them in an effective monitoring framework?

At NewForesight, we use systems thinking to support organizations to (re)define role in driving structural change. With a highly experienced team in data analytics as well as integrating results through learning & knowledge sharing and marketing & communications, we make sure you unlock your true potential and impact.

Years of experience in developing strategies for different types of leading organizations across sectors enables our advisors to understand your needs, your sector and the transition you want to make at a global, regional or local level.

We can help you to strategize your:

      •  Vision
      • Theory of Change
      • Value Proposition
      • Communications
      • Roadmap & Interventions
      • Results Frameworks & KPI Frameworks
      • Sustainable landscape approaches
      • Traceability systems & accreditation

Want to know how this works in practice? Here you read about our work together with the World Cocoa Foundation in developing the CocoaAction strategy – an innovative industry-wide approach that enables companies to collectively create sustainable impact in the cocoa sector.

2. business-models

Model a successful business case with sustainability at the core

      • Do you believe in the business case behind sustainability?
      • Do you lack a view on the return on investment for your sustainability activities?
      • Do you struggle to communicate your sustainability impact to others?

From extensive experience in systemic sustainability issues to expertise in statistical analysis and the design of complete financial statements, our consultants build rigorous quantitative economic models — standardized or custom-designed — for you to gain clear insights on the impact and performance of your interventions.

Whether at the farm, organizational or sector level, such models enable you and your stakeholders to make well-informed investment decisions that drive tangible impact.

We can help you to develop:

      • Sustainable business models
      • Economic models at farm, organizational or sector level

Want to know how this service looks like in practice? NewForesight developed a rigorous methodology and tool together with the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) which assesses the farm-level impact and business returns of service delivery (SDM) to farmers across commodities, geographies, scales, and types of organizations.

3. governance

Organize, for impact; at a global, regional and local level.

      • Do you continuously seek to collaborate but are you limited by a lack of trust between parties?
      • Are you challenged by tailoring your global priorities to locally relevant interventions?
      • Do you find that your experience working with others to achieve change is ineffective and lacks accountability?

NewForesight is specialized in developing credible partnerships, for you to share costs and risks with other. We carry over 10 years of experience in designing governance systems that turn a shared vision, joint ownership and accountability into collective actions. 

Over the years, we have steered effective partnerships with broad alignment in different sectors – such as coffee, cocoa and cotton – to drive tangible impact from the global to local levels.

We can help you to organize:

      • Governance models in any sector
      • Multi-Stakeholder partnerships with strong backbone organizations

Want to know how this service looks like in practice? We enabled the development of the Global Coffee Platform as an inclusive multi-stakeholder sustainability platform.


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Our promise

In taking up an assignment to tackle a sustainability challenge for a client NewForesight makes three promises. You can hold us accountable to these three promises throughout the project.

  1. We create tailored solutions for your sustainability challenge
    • Building on our validated frameworks and models, we provide you with new insights into your sustainability challenge. By taking into account system and market dynamics, we find root causes and bring together relevant stakeholders to turn your challenge into an opportunity
    • We offer you a diverse and committed team that has the skills, experience, knowledge, network and synergy needed for the assignment
  2. We deliver, always
    • Tackling tough sustainability challenges is a long-term activity; things will not always go as planned. However, we stay as flexible as the process is dynamic, working together with you to seize the opportunities that arise
    • We create space to regularly touch base on process, quality and deliverables
  3. We are your dedicated partner for the full journey
    • We invest in knowing what drives you beyond the boundaries of the assignment and building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect
    • We operate as part of your team and challenge you with new ways of thinking that can add value to the process and the outcome