1 March 2017

After 6 months of intense collaboration on the plans for accelerating the protein transition, and following the initial set up of the Green Protein Alliance, the first National Green Protein Event became a reality on Thursday 16 February 2017.

Amidst the greenery of the Arendshoeve, GPA with support from Jr Minister of Economic Affairs Martijn van Dam presented her plans for 2017 and beyond, in the form of the Green Protein Growth Plan.

“We will need to change what we eat, for the benefit of our health and our planet”, mentioned Mr van Dam upon officially presenting the Green Protein Growth Plan.

From Protein to Profit

The event focused on ‘People, Planet, Protein’; how the Netherlands as a global leader in the protein transition gives a decisive push, and enables entrepreneurs and consumers to profit from vegetable protein. At the event the over 180 stakehoders from industry, government, education, academia, and NGOs, we able to attend talks from Simon Billing (Forum for the Future), Corné van Dooren (Dutch Center for Nutrition), Leontine Gast (The Terrace) and Pieter Paul Verheggen (Motivaction), on the importance and opportunities of the protein transition. Frequent topics during these talks were the business case approach, collaboration on shared challenges, and support from government, which were mentioned as the keys to GPA’s success.

“2017 marks the start of the execution of our plans for the protein transition. The first year that we can start to harvest. Together, we can make vegetable protein the easy choice, for every moment of the day, and for everyone.” Jeroen Willemsen, chairman and co-founder of GPA, mentioned.

The Green Protein Alliance is set to grow, and during the event already announced 6 new members that joined the alliance, among which FMCG giant Unilever.

The event also marked the completion of 1.5 years of hard work from the team at NewForesight, who were present from the very beginning as co-founders and designers of the strategy. We are proud for what we have been able to build together with a group of enthusiastic individuals in such a short period of time; a strategy for the protein transition with a clear value proposition for industry as well as civil society.

Media highlights

The  event was covered by EVMI, VMT, and Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven. A video of the event (in Dutch) can be found here.