Zoé Bander

Zoé is highly driven to put her energy into contributing to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable world. She is passionate about analyzing the underlying issues that drive today’s complex global environmental and social challenges. She has gained knowledge in these fields of study during her bachelor’s degree in Human Geography, specializing in International Development Studies and Global Migration specifically, at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Her knowledge within these fields were extended through a master’s degree in Political Geography, constantly focusing on the influence of the physical environment on social phenomena, and vice versa.

Zoé is a firm believer in equal partnerships, and values this as one of the key factors in achieving systems change. Her passion for facilitating opportunities for inclusive development and innovation through co-creation have been strengthened through her second master’s degree in Management at Lund University (Sweden). A strong focus and interest in (alternative) organizational structures and cultures, combined with her interest in creating lasting impact in challenges ranging from poverty to climate change, have brought her to NewForesight.

Connecting individuals and institutions to create impactful and long-term value is an activity she finds herself naturally drawn to and engaged in. Prior experience, gained during her time working for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations, in multi-stakeholder coalition-building around transforming the traditional construction sector by introducing bio-based materials have taught her the power of connection. Besides working for NewForesight, she also upholds these qualities and her aspiration to contribute to a fairer world by working for a post-growth enterprise in global development in her spare time.


E-mail: zoe.bander@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zoebander