Victor Dagnelie – Fundamental Physicist

With a background in theoretical physics and nuclear fusion, Victor is your guy for applying extensive and complex analyses to tackle systemic sustainability challenges. As an Analyst at NewForesight, Victor is never overwhelmed by large amounts of numbers or complex models; deep-diving into creative, fundamental and quantitative challenges are precisely his cup of tea.

Currently, Victor plays an important role in NewForesight’s work on analyzing Service Delivery Models in a wide range of sectors. This rapidly growing methodology, developed by NewForesight in collaboration with IDH, analyses the economic viability of farmers and their service providers. Besides improving the overall methodology to scale this approach, Victor also dedicates a large amount of his time to study in specific cases how to improve the efficiency of service delivery towards farmers, increase the performance of farmers and ultimately leverage their profitability and livelihoods.

During the weekends, Victor is equally dedicated towards tough challenges and pioneering work: he was the first to climb many previously unclimbed mountains and rock faces and completed an impressive list of wilderness treks – often solo. At work, Victor is dedicated to support our frontrunner clients in trailblazing their way towards systemic and sustainable change, yet to get Victor most excited: start a conversation about non-hypothetical mountains.

Victor holds an MSc degree in Theoretical Physics from Utrecht University.

Skype: Victor Dagnelie